Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Release Date, but its delayed? Reason Reveal

Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Release Date, but its delayed? Reason Reveal


It’s unfortunate, but it seems like you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the Solo Leveling Chapter 156 episode. We’re sorry! Have patience because I assure you that there are still more twists and turns to wait in store for everyone.
The latest chapter of Solo Leveling was originally scheduled to be released on 17 June but the release date has been changed. The manga series, which is 156 chapters long might not make it out before the pandemic affects more aspects of society such as entertainment!
Reason Behind No Latest Episode of Solo Leveling
The whole team of the series apologizes to the audience for this delay and we do understand it is not in their hands. But there’s also one more thing you should know if our writer recovers soon then you have a chance to get another episode but if he doesn’t recover, who knows when that’ll happen – maybe never!

A never-ending coronavirus pandemic has caused the delay in this series. According to our internal resources, Jang Seong-Rak is not well and that’s why it’s taking him a little longer than usual to finish up the next episode of his hit Manga Series “Solo Leveling”. But we hope he will soon be back on his feet again so we don’t have a long wait for more episodes!
What Happened Till Now in Solo Leveling – Spoilers Ahead
Have you been following the last episode of this manga series? Earlier in Chapter 155, Sung Jinwoo had to choose between spending time with Ms. Hae-in or meeting up with his friends for one final party before they enlist into their respective military service branches. There was a lot going on that day!
Sung Jinwoo then suddenly realizes that he has to finish and capture this moment because you guessed it–this is the last time for him. He really wanted to spend his last moments with someone close before he gets off hold of The Gate recently appeared in front of him.

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Those romantic moments had a special place in the hearts of our audience members too! We also got an exclusive look at Hae-in’s shocking truth about her past relationship (can’t give away all my secrets!). That finale episode was certainly intense; viewers want more as soon as possible! So we Need to wait for Solo Leveling Chapter 156 until it comes.
Final Verdict: Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Coming or Not?
Your favorite show, Solo Leveling Chapter 156 is scheduled to be released on 1 July 2021. The upcoming episode has been named ‘I level up Alone’ and the audience cannot wait for it! You are going to learn more shocking truths that you never imagined existed in this world of ours.
You know that episode you’ve been waiting for? Well, it’s finally coming out. It might not be happening on the day you’re expecting but don’t fret because your wait is going to totally be worth it.


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