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FRIENDS’ Cast Sings Show’s Theme Song In Carpool Karaoke Session With James Corden


In a new scene of The Late Show With James Corden, the Friends cast was seen singing away their show’s signature tune with Corden

The unequaled famous sitcom FRIENDS has its tremendous worldwide fanbase and subsequently when the cast rejoined for the much-anticipated Friends: The Reunion, it’s anything but a significant promotion around the world.
After the FRIENDS get-together extraordinary, the cast individuals have now been seen uniting to sing the show’s famous signature melody together in a new scene of The Late Show With James Corden. The in the background cuts exhibited the host, James Corden, taking a golf truck ride, and getting the cast individuals, who immediately went along with him at singing I’ll Be There for You.
Companions cast sings I’ll Be There For You together
En route to Stage 24, at the Warner Bros. Studios, James Corden was seen getting Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox, Matt Leblanc, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer, in a golf truck. The video continued with Corden asking the Friends cast on the off chance that they would approve of him playing some music since everybody was riding together.
Upon their understanding, James Corden said, “Here we go,” and played the show’s title melody I’ll Be There for You, which amazed them all. The entertainers promptly started chiming in with it thus did Corden, which transformed it’s anything but a surprising carpool karaoke meeting, that Courtney Cox uncovered later, she had for the longest time been itching to do.
Some frenzy among the Friends cast
Coming, they crossed the notorious wellspring that the show’s signature melody is shot at as well, while examining the things that appear to be identical and what all has changed, unexpectedly. As they arrived at their objective, Corden, who was driving, was quick to get off.
The golf truck in a split second began sliding in reverse, making a concise diverting snapshot of frenzy for the FRIENDS cast individuals, who were endeavoring to receive in return as well. To this, James Corden raced to put it on the brake, and afterward asked mockingly, “Is everybody alive?” and everybody broke into laughs.

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Which Friend character broke into giggling most?
Afterward, the recording displayed on The Late Show With James Corden, showed Corden visiting the indoor sets where the Friends scenes were shot, a long time back. He then, at that point joined the cast at the arrangement of the show’s acclaimed coffeehouse.
In the midst of an intelligent conversation, everybody pointed at Lisa Kudrow when Corden asked which ‘companion’ broke person and chuckled the most while recording.
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