Games Inbox: Is GTA 6 Rockstar’s next game?

Games Inbox: Is GTA 6 Rockstar’s next game?


Will Rockstar make something else before GTA 6? (pic: Rockstar Games)The Friday Inbox is very impressed by the secret crossover of Sea Of Thieves, as one reader suggests Sora for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
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Think smallSo GTA 6 is not going to be out until 2025? That is simultaneously better and worse than I expected, but at the moment far too far away to even consider, especially without any kind of official announcement from Rockstar. This new trend of having a decade or more between major sequels is strange because I would gladly welcome it as a positive thing, an alternative to the hell of yearly sequels that we had to endure just a generation or so ago.
What makes it a problem though is that during that wait the studios are not making anything else. Rockstar, despite being absolutely massive and insanely successful don’t make anything anymore except for mega epics. Not only are there no table tennis games anymore but there’s also no Max Payne, L.A. Noire, Manhunt or Midnight Club. At least Bethesda has put out Fallout 76 recently, for better or worse.
If it’s going to be 15 years between each GTA fine, but you’ve got to make something else in between! If only so the developers can stretch themselves and try something different. I realise the idea of AA games died out a long time ago, but indies have filled in for it and been very successful. Whether it makes money or not is irrelevant – Rockstar don’t need any more money! – but I’m sure they’d enjoy the critical acclaim and just the chance to do something new.
They haven’t announced it, so the question is whether GTA 6 is Rockstar’s next game or not? I’d like to think there was a chance it’s not but, honestly, I don’t see them releasing anything other than GTA in the next 10 years. And even then the next one will probably just be more Red Dead. It’s a real shame because unless they learn how to think small again all the most famous studios are going to end up making only the same game for the rest of their time.Wotan
No questionSo hang on, you have to pay to upgrade Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut from PlayStation 4 to 5? Even if it is literally the Director’s Cut and now just the original version? I know Sony have to make money and Microsoft don’t but the Xbox is looking like better value day by day.
It’s frustrating because I want to get a PlayStation 5 but common sense is telling me to get an Xbox, simply because it’s such massively better value. It’s not just Game Pass, it’s all the little things too like the backwards compatibility and free upgrades.
Sure, Xbox probably will never have as good exclusives as Sony but they’ll probably have some good ones and all the multiformat games. To be honest, I think it’s stopped even being a question.Dolton
No spoilersI appreciated you didn’t spoil the secret about the second crossover in Sea Of Thieves as that was a very welcome surprise! As soon as the music kicked in I was transported back 30 years, with a big smile on my face. All the little journals and maps were great but of course I wanted more, although I’m not clear whether Sea Of Thieves is going to provide it.
I have tried the game and to be honest found it pretty boring, with some very bad combat. I’d play it again if… the game in question was more a part of it but not otherwise. I just hope this is a sign that there’ll be a full sequel and the one true pirate game return to show the imposters how its done.Focus
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Dead selfishI speak from a selfish standpoint, being a fan, but any rumours about a potential reboot of Dead Space is great news and is long overdue. I realise Visceral have gone but if the desire and ideas are still there to make this happen then I’m glad whatever studio takes on the project.
There are issues though, I think some parts of Dead Space combat would now look outdated and cumbersome, especially when a player could find themselves trapped in cramped corridors or rooms swarmed by enemies. This needs addressing, as well as poor dialogue, cheap jump scares, etc.
But if the best bits from the three games, the action sequences, the variety of necromorphs, the suits and weapons – as well as the innovative co-op that had different players experiencing their own hallucinations -are combined together on next gen consoles then this could be something really special.icelticghost
GC: The rumours are definitely adding up now. A reveal at EA Play Live this month is now very likely.
On a breakGranted I know next to nothing about game development but all this shock and surprise over the release for the next Elder Scrolls seems at odds with the length of time games are taking to make these days.
Cyberpunk 2077 took nine years and was borked on release. I believe that these open world role-playing games with multiple systems (stealth, combat, magic, etc.) have always taken longer than average to make. This, even longer, wait is the price we pay for prettier graphics.
The one thing I would say is that with Bethesda, inXile, and Obsidian Microsoft are almost in an Activision situation, able to release a new open world role-playing games every two years.
If Elder Scrolls 6 isn’t out till 2026/27 then having Avowed drop in 2023/24 seems like a pretty good idea to me.DarKerR (gamertag)
GC: You make some fair points but by 2026 it will be 15 years since Skyrim. That’s almost unprecedented for any series that isn’t actively taking a rest. And it’s not like Bethesda have previously been known for worrying about ‘prettier graphics’.
Being preparedWhilst listening to Crowded House’s new album, I came across an interlude in one of the songs which got my gaming sense tingling.
It was in the song Love Isn’t Hard At All and is best enjoyed hearing it without any spoilers. If you don’t clock it then you’ve missed out on a pretty landmark title in gaming history.
Enjoy and I’m sure fellow readers will think the reference is a nice fit.
Admittedly, the band is pretty middle of the road but they align nicely with my new title of dad-to-be so I’ve prepared by stocking up on some DS gems like Lock’s Quest, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, Sonic Chronicles, and Ghost Trick for easy clamping when I’m needed.
Keep up the good work GameCentral!thesmaul
Ultimate prizeIn regard to Cu8e5 letter on Thursday. I was without Xbox Live Gold for a while until I got my Xbox Series X in March. I bought a years’ worth of Xbox Love Gold from GAME, as I had £15 in GAME vouchers from buying my Xbox Series X. It cost £30. The very next day I bought a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. As I have already had Ultimate for £1 a while ago, I had to pay £10.99. It converts straight to your Xbox Live Gold membership and cancels that and gives you a year of Ultimate instead.
My Ultimate was supposed to run out in May next year but as I keep banging the Microsoft Rewards programme I’m getting loads of reward points. As it stands, my Ultimate expires in October next year; as 15,000 reward points gets three months’ worth of Xbox Live Gold and that converts to my Ultimate. So £40.99 for Ultimate till, as it stands, next October 2022 is not bad. Points make prizes.woz 007 (gamertag)
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Not too good to be trueGood morning GC and faithful.
Just a reply in regards to the inquiry of Cu8e5 about the Xbox Games Pass Ultimate upgrade offer for £1.
Just over a month ago I managed to get an Xbox Series X very early one morning (thanks Argos) and got myself three years worth of Xbox Live Gold for £40 each (thanks CDKeys). It had expired in the last couple of years because I was pretty much only playing on my PlayStation 4.
Then using my PC, so I could use PayPal and not add payment details onto my console, I upgraded it to Game Pass Ultimate for £1 getting the extra month and the bonus three more months. (I think that’s right).
All pretty quick and easy to be honest, still waiting for the ‘catch’ with this upgrade offer but I’m beginning to think there isn’t one until you have to pay full price down the line.
Hope this helps you Cu8e5.NCDPS: Keep up the great work GC and loving the recent readers features from everyone, thanks.Currently playing: MLB The Show 21, Outriders, Wasteland 3 (XSX), and Mass Effect Legendary Edition (PS4)
Inbox also-ransA bit late but, wow, the music on Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom! What a great game, I like old school but what a breath of fresh air. I hope they make more.stealthreaper444
GC: We agree, it’s easily the best of the recent Wonder Boy revivals.
There’s no way that Master Chief is going to be the last DLC fighter, because Microsoft already has Steve as its rep in Fighters Pass Vol. 2. Sora from Kingdom Hearts is way more likely than any other character.Anon
GC: But Square Enix already had Sephiroth in Vol. 2? Not that we think it’s relevant in either case.
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