How To Cover Tattoos For Work: 5 Tricks To Your Rescue

How To Cover Tattoos For Work: 5 Tricks To Your Rescue

Not everything fits everywhere. The same goes for tattoos if your workplace doesn’t think it is a decent thing to show off. If this is the case with you, then you probably would be searching for how to cover tattoos for work.

Whether it’s your job interview or just another day at the office, you might feel the urge to hide that tattoo you’ve previously had.

While it might be frustrating not to be able to get past this trouble of hiding a tattoo, there are some ways that can be a temporary solution for you. But before we move on to discuss that, let’s talk a little about healed and new tattoos because the way you cover up a tattoo is highly dependent on the length of time.

Covering Healed Tattoo V/S New Tattoo

Honestly, there are numerous reasons not to get a tattoo; above all, if you’ve to hide it, you shouldn’t have gotten it in the first place. Tattoo lovers are on cloud nine when they get that colorful painting on them. But then, in an attempt to conceal it, they tend to be ignorant of the healing process.

Some try to hide a tat that they just did get recently. Consequently, the tattoo becomes infected. That’s why it must be noted that a fresh tattoo takes about 6 months (or more, depending upon its size) to get healed.

The tips mentioned below are only to be applied if your tattoo has healed completely.

How To Cover Tattoos For Work

So while you keep a list of stuff that you need to take to your office, also enlist the below-stated five ways of covering a tattoo for work:

1. Choose Optimal Dressing

Clothing is the most cheesy way to cover your tattoos. Now it actually depends on where exactly you have the tattoo. Let’s say you’ve got a tattoo on your arms, then long sleeves can be your savior (put on a blazer with half-sleeve shirts). Whereas a neck tattoo can be covered with a high-neck design or a scarf.

Normally, pants and long socks can conceal tats on legs and ankles. High-waist pants would do for tattoos on the lower back and belly.

How To Cover Tattoos For Work Without Makeup

NOTE: Tight-fitting clothes should be avoided if you’ve recently got a tattoo, and in case you wear them in any circumstances, ensure that you wash your hands, the tattoo, and the body part with soap, dry it with a soft and clean towel and wrap it up in a breathable cloth of soft material (not plastic wrap sheets). Clean clothes should be worn to protect the tattoo from infection. I was not your nursery teacher!

2. Make-Up/Special Products

Makeup is an avant-garde technique to put up with a stubborn, healed tattoo that can’t be covered with any of the enlisted techniques. For instance, if it’s on your hands or forehead.

Concealing a tattoo with makeup or special products is a little more tricky than covering spots on your face because of the tattoo ink shades. This calls for identifying shades contrasting to your much-adored engraved pattern’s ink. For instance, red or pink can help combat blue ink.

You can cover up your tattoo with makeup but forget not to wash it with soap first.

Tattoo Concealer

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  • To begin with, pick a primer and apply it to the tat design and around the body part.

  • Usually, people also apply color-correcting crayons after the primer, but it is optional.

  • Then dab some setting powder and blend a thick coat of foundation over it. Again, put on the setting powder. Apply another coat of foundation. Once the tattoo gets covered up completely, finish it up with a little setting powder.

  • Lastly, use a hair spray over it so as to make it stay longer.

Some Aspects To Take Care Of While Working Around Your Tattoo With Makeup

  • Making a tattoo invisible to the extent that it was never there before isn’t as easy as pie, so you must not be hard on yourself. Maybe you’ll fail even after 3 to 4 times. So it can get frustrating, but you need to be patient.

  • Another noteworthy thing is that makeup products might be noticeable when seen closely, so it might not be that good of an idea. Plus to that, it’s costly and time sucking as well.

How To Cover Neck Tattoos/Upper Back Tattoos

3. Cover It Up With Your Long Hair

For a tattoo at the nape of your neck, behind the ear, upper back, or just a little below the shoulder, then letting your long hair open is the easiest way to hide it. A ponytail would also do for tiny tats.

How To Cover Wrist Tattoos/Finger Tattoos

4. Accessories Yourself Up

Maybe all you just need is a watch band, bracelet, and ring to not let your wrist and finger tattoo, respectively, come up in people’s sight. But as with all other tactics, this one is too for a fully healed tattoo.

How To Cover Tattoos For Work Without Makeup

Opt for professional accessories only since we’re talking about how to cover tattoos for work. 

You might have a little hard time working around with bracelets. However, using a watch band can help because it doesn’t move that much.

5. Wrap It Up In Bandages

Sometimes when you’re against the clock, you might not have enough time to select the optimal clothes, accessories, and apply makeup. A bandage (after washing it) can be at your rescue for such times.

Remember that whenever you cover a big-sized tattoo, you first clean it, wrap it in a breathable cloth, and then wear a bandage (not too tight).

Also, remove the bandage when you leave the office. This is very much needed. Again this must not be done with a new tattoo as it can be harmful to the skin.

Tattoos are among several things that can create a negative impression in the office. Therefore, you must not get one in the first place, but if it’s too late, learning how to cover tattoos for work can surely help you.

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