Metta World Peace has interesting Michael Jordan question

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It’s no question that Metta World Peace is one of the all-time great defenders in the NBA. His physical play has contained some of the best offensive gunners in the league. Via Twitter, World Peace asked his followers how we would fare against Michael Jordan if they played in their primes.

MWP gave an honest assessment of his career, noting that three players have dropped 40 points on him. But at the same time, he has contained several superstars way below their averages. Given these facts, he’s wondering how many 40-point games would Jordan have on him.

Taking in consideration only three players ever scored a legit 40 on me in my career, and I held many hall of famers way below their career averages , how many 40 point games would my idol MJ have scored on me if we were in the league at the same time in our primes?
— Metta World Peace (@MettaWorld37) April 28, 2021

As expected, World Peace received a mixed bag of replies. One fan believes that his strong hands would help in defending Jordan. The fan didn’t say if he could hold MJ under 40, but he noted that His Airness would likely have a lower shooting percentage—which is a pretty realistic and fair hypothesis.

He would be in the 30s but you would hold him to lower percentage than most and your strong hands would strip him of the ball
— Randy Oreens (@ItBegins2012) April 28, 2021

Another fan gave a hilarious yet very possible answer: World Peace would’ve been ejected after brawling with Jordan’s teammate Dennis Rodman, a player that he’s often been compared with.

None because u wouldn’t have made it to halftime because u and Rodman would have have got ejected
— Joey Ruble (@JoeyRuble) April 28, 2021

Someone who’s obviously a fan of the GOAT believes that World Peace’s defense won’t matter. If Jordan wanted to drop 50 or 60 on his head, he would do so.

However many he wanted
— DESTRADA (@Carne_Estrada) April 28, 2021

Be as it may, it’s an interesting question to which we will never have the answer. World Peace and Jordan did face off five times during MJ’s stint with the Washington Wizards, with the six-time champion averaging 22.4 points.
But we all know that obviously doesn’t count as Michael Jordan was old and gray while Metta World Peace was still a young gun figuring out the NBA with the Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers.

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