Warzone is ‘unplayable’ says Dr. DisRespect as he quits game

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YouTuber Dr. DisRespect says that Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 is ‘unplayable’. He then decides not to play the game anymore, at least until the new Season comes over.

Dr. DisRespect quits ‘unplayable’ Call of Duty Warzone Season 3
Many players enjoyed the new Verdansk ’84 map (even with its numerous glitches). However, streamer Dr. DisRespect doesn’t seem to be a fan of the new Season 3.
During a live stream on April 30, Dr. DisRespect says that Season 3 is ‘unplayable.’ It doesn’t seem like the Doctor’s problem only comes from the game’s content. The excessive lag he and his teammate ZLaner experienced during the live stream exacerbated his feelings about the game. He then said he thinks he needs to take a break from Warzone momentarily.
“If it’s not obvious, it should be, I have no interest in playing this game,” says Dr. DisRespect. “I really gotta stop playing it, and I will. I got one tournament champs, and then we’ll try to figure things out, try to take a break from Warzone,” he added. “It’s just such a bland experience for me. Like, the little cheesy s**t is kind of wearing me down. Things that you just don’t want to deal with.”
He finally quits the game a little later, when lag got in his way again. “My connection is tripping man. Did you guys see that?” I wasn’t even moving and he slid off of the staircase. No joke. No f***ing way man. It’s unplayable.”
With Dr. DisRespect leaving Warzone, at least for this Season, what should he play next on his streams?


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