Angelina Jolie Says Her 6 Kids Always Make Her Cry On Mother’s Day

Angelina Jolie Says Her 6 Kids Always Make Her Cry On Mother's Day


Angelina Jolie is a mother of six which means that every single year, Mother’s Day is something she knows she can look forward to! In fact, her young ones make sure to surprise her every time to the point that she sheds tears of joy! During an interview for EXTRA, the actress dished that ‘It does mean a lot to moms [Mother’s Day], so try not to forget it. My kids have always been so amazing at Mother’s Day. The fun for me is that I do not plan anything, I do not do anything, and they tend to work together to surprise me with something. It’s just the knowing they’re doing something together, and thinking of something together, and they want to, and they think it is important makes me cry always. They always joke about how quickly it just makes me cry. They will laugh at how many times I cry the day or how quickly I cry… ‘Oh, there she goes…’’ RELATED: Brad Pitt ‘Frustrated’ Angelina Jolie Won’t Settle As Their Divorce Continues! It really sounds like Angie loves her kids more than anything else and she can’t help but get emotional every time they think about her and put an effort to surprise her. Speaking of her family, Jolie spoke about how her divorce from Brad Pitt influenced her to return to her acting career after a couple of years of working behind the cameras as a director. Chatting with Entertainment Weekly previously, she shared that ‘I love directing, but I had a change in my family’s situation that has not made it possible for me to direct for a few years.’ RELATED: Brad Pitt Shows Off A New Tattoo Amid Reports Angelina Jolie Is Finally Ready To Move On It appears that being a single mom has made it much harder for her to be so involved in the entire production of a full movie. ‘I needed to just do shorter jobs and be home more, so I kind of went back to doing a few acting jobs. That is really the truth of it, I have needed so much more of her time and attention. It is absolutely something I will tackle again.’

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