Check out the Mass Effect Legendary Edition custom cover art designer

Mass Effect Legendary Edition


Fans of the Mass Effect franchise can choose how their Mass Effect Legendary Edition cover case will look like. Or rather, they can make their own cover art for the game.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition cover art creator lets you make your dream team shine
I’m not sure if you had the same idea, but when I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to design my own game sleeve covers. Now, people like me can do that easily. At least for Mass Effect Legendary Edition.
The Trilogy Remaster will be releasing soon, and it’s getting fans very excited. While many players prefer buying digital copies, this nifty tool might make some skip the download and buy a physical one. The Mass Effect Legendary Edition cover art creator is an official art generator found on the game’s website. It allows you to choose which characters you’d like to feature on the cover. It also lets you set the color scheme depending on the affinity you’d like to showcase.
Once you’re done with your creation, you can then download the cover art to share with your friends. If you’re like me, I’m printing it out and placing it on my game case. The downloadable file has a 4K version and a cover art version. The latter even has the back part of the cover, which really makes printing the image and slotting it into a case feasible.
The cover art creator lets fans know that Bioware is giving fans what they want. Indeed, many of the changes in the remaster take into consideration the feedback that the fans have made over the years. While it’s indeed missing a few of the DLC content, the remaster will still become the definitive way to play the game. Mass Effect Legendary Edition releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.


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