Aaron Rodgers trade drama completely fixable

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers


With rumors now forever swirling over the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers in the middle of some sort of potential trade debacle, what if I told you all of that was fixable?

Well, I’m not the one telling you this. It is actually someone who might be in the know; though likely has strong allegiance to both Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.
Oh. Hello there, John Kuhn!
Appearing on the NFL Network, the gritty fullback said the following:
“I’m sure contract is part of that,” former Packers talent Kuhn said, via PFT. “I’m sure that years guaranteed is a part of that. Not just being a highest-paid quarterback or the highest paid at your position. But I believe the security going forward is a part of that, and I also believe being on the same page as having open communication where all sides feel like they are being heard. Aaron and I are friends. We spent a decade of our lives together in the same meeting rooms, on the same practice field. So we do talk. And quite frankly this is something that I believe is fixable.”
Oddly enough, maybe he’s right. Outsiders — dopes like me — keep claiming all of this has to deal with the idea that Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have enough talent around him in Green Bay. And yet, we’re only guessing that’s the reason.
As it is with everything else, only time will happen with all this drama constantly unfolding. Given that it’s the middle of May, though, whatever the future holds for Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay is likely to be settled sooner than later.

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