David Adefeso Posts A New Video About Emergency Funds

David Adefeso Posts A New Video About Emergency Funds


David Adefeso shared a new video about emergency funds. Check out what he had to say here. ‘So you’ve been keeping up with #WealthDemystified with @david.adefeso — good for you! By now you should know what it takes to build a healthy savings (if not it’s cool, go back and watch a couple previous videos)— but do you know WHEN is the right time to touch that money you set aside?’ David began. RELATED: Tamar Braxton Twerks In Front Of The Camera And People Understand Why David Adefeso Is So In Love With Her ‘Here are 3 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Dip Into Your Emergency Fund1. Is It Urgent?2. Is It Necessary?3. Is It Unexpected? Keep these questions in mind and make sure you’ve weighed all your options prior to utilizing the fund in your emergency savings reservoir. More tips for financial health and planning available on YouTube. Join us for new episodes of #WealthDemystified live every Sunday at 2p PT,’ David captioned his post. Someone said: ‘Thank you for this. I was thinking about dipping into my emergency fund just last night, and glad I didn’t. It was for a “want” and not a need or an emergency. I appreciate all your videos?’ RELATED: David Adefeso Says He Wants To Make Sure No Child Has To Watch Their Dreams Killed A fan said: ‘Hay wena @david.adefeso you not talking to us anymore. I think you have forgotten how hard it is.. Well I’m in South African there is no money even to start that emergency pocket my brother ??’ David Adefeso   is showing fans and followers who supported his Wealth Demystified show a lot of gratitude. Check out the post that he shared on his social media account. ‘Thanks, everyone for tuning into today’s #WealthDemystified show. The link is in bio in case you missed it. Wanted to share this magical picture from the backyard…if God didn’t create this, I wonder who did ? Happy Sunday!’ David captioned his post. David is living his best life these days. Stay tuned for more news.


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