Mare Of Easttown: Who killed Erin? All the suspects from Mare’s own daughter Siobhan to her ex-husband Frank

Mare Of Easttown: Who killed Erin? All the suspects from Mare's own daughter Siobhan to her ex-husband Frank


Who killed Erin? (Picture: HBO)Mare Of Easttown has been gripping the globe with viewers desperate to learn who on earth killed Erin McMenamin.
Kate Winslet’s Mare has been trying to crack the case that has plagued Easttown ever since the young mum’s body was found naked in a local creek, as have internet sleuths alike.
Wild theories have been circulating about whodunnit, including some damning evidence against Mare’s own daughter Siobhan and her ex husband Frank.
Sadly, just two episodes stand in the way before the show is tied up and Erin’s killer is revealed… but who is the guilty suspect or suspects? has uncovered all the characters who could be behind Erin’s murder.

Did Siobhan kill Erin to protect her dad? (Picture: HBO)Mare’s daughter Siobhan is looking rather suspicious after closer inspection. The day after Erin’s murder, she avoided returning her mother’s multiple phone calls knowing that an accident had taken place.
Some fans believe that Siobhan somehow knew that her dad Frank was having some kind of relationship with Erin and killed her off in order to protect him from the truth coming out.

Could Frank be Erin’s killer? (Picture: HBO)Mare’s ex-husband Frank had a relationship with Erin, although the details regarding what really happened between them currently remain under wraps.
Audiences know he’s not the father of Erin’s son as his paternity test came back negative. Despite this, Frank is still guilty of something as he lied about delivering diapers and formula to Erin. Was he being blackmailed by her as she threatened to expose the truth of their relationship?
Dawn Bailey
Dawn Bailey’s own daughter Katie went missing one year before Erin was murdered. She was extremely unhappy over the police investigation into her daughter’s disappearance and felt as though the case had been overlooked.
What is more, viewers know that Dawn has a gun and has proven she is willing to go to desperate lengths to find her daughter.
Perhaps Dawn killed Erin in the hope the cops would pursue further investigation into Katie’s case.
If that is the case, it’s likely Mare would feel directly responsible for Erin’s death. It would also make tie in well with the two kidnapped girls in the subplot.

Is Lori the killer? (Picture: HBO)Lori has been as good as gold in the series so far and this isn’t sitting right with us.
In recent scenes, she discovered her husband John is cheating on her again. Some fans reckon her partner had a relationship with Erin before her death and that he could actually be DJ’s real father.
Perhaps Lori already suspected this and killed Erin as revenge?
She also staked an interest in adopting DJ, could this be because she feels guilty that she murdered his mother in cold blood?
John and Billy

John and Billy have been acting suspicious (Picture: HBO)Another suspect in Erin’s murder is Lori’s husband John and his brother Billy.
Besides theories that John could be the father of Erin’s son DJ, there have been some pretty strong suggestions that Billy could also be the dad.
In episode five, it was revealed that Erin moved into Billy’s basement for some time before her mother died. Billy claimed she was only ever there for a matter of weeks, however Lori alleged she was there for months.
As this information was exposed to Mare, Billy took off in a hurry, leaving behind a beer he’d barely touched.
Could the brothers have teamed up to murder Erin in a bid to keep her quiet about one of them being DJ’s dad?
Deacon Mark

What’s Deacon Mark hiding? (Picture: HBO)As it stands, Deacon Mark was the last person to get a call from Erin before she was killed.
On top of that, he had her bike in his possession and disposed of it in the river.
Audiences already know Deacon Mark has a sordid past but we’re still unsure what crimes he carried out at his former church.
Although he maintains he was just trying to help Erin out on the night of her murder, is he flat out lying? Could Deacon Mark be Erin’s killer?

Is Dylan guilty? (Picture: HBO)Erin’s ex-boyfriend Dylan has proved himself to be a pretty horrible piece of work. Before Erin’s death, he was being pressured by her for money to fund their son’s ear surgery.
However, after taking a paternity it soon transpired that Dylan isn’t DJ’s real father. Could Dylan have suspected DJ wasn’t his son and killed Erin for revenge?
More recently, Dylan was seen burning Erin’s diaries in order to hide another big secret from the police. What is he up to?

Could it be Richard? (Picture: HBO)Mare’s love interest Richard could also be Erin’s killer, although it seems unlikely as he’s so far been uninvolved with the case.
Let’s not forget that he arrived in town shortly after the murder took place…
Some fans reckon that Richard is only visiting Easttown to gather material for his new book. It’s been mentioned a few times that he’s only ever written one novel and wasn’t able to produce material for a second one.
However, could he be more sinister?
You know what they say about sleeping with the enemy…
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