Goran Dragic calls out Bam Adebayo after poor performance

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In spite of a valiant effort from their end, the Miami Heat fell to the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 1 of their first-round series clash. Heat big man Bam Adebayo failed to make a significant impact on the opening matchup, which prompted a bit of criticism from teammate Goran Dragic after the loss.

According to Dragic, he believes that Adebayo did not provide enough of an effort in Game 1:

Goran Dragic on Bam Adebayo today, “I feel he needs to be more aggressive.”
— Brady Hawk (@BradyHawk305) May 22, 2021

To be clear, Dragic is not bringing down Bam here. Despite a rather lackluster showing, this loss is not entirely on Adebayo. What Dragic seems to be implying here is that Bam needs to get himself more involved in the action in order for him to help his team.
Adebayo’s shot was off in this one, with the former All-Star big man posting just nine points on 4-of-15 shooting. He did secure 12 rebounds, five assists, and three steals, so he was actually able to contribute for Miami across the board. Nevertheless, the Heat will need Adebayo to score more, and this is exactly what Dragic is trying to point out here.
For his part, Dragic was actually Miami’s best player on the evening, putting up a team-high 25 points on 10-of-17 shooting off the bench. Dragic also logged two rebounds, an assist, and five triples.
It’s back to the drawing board for the Heat as they look to exact some revenge in Game 2. The second game of this much-talked-about series is scheduled for Monday and Miami will definitely want to come away with at least one win before the series heads to their home court.


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