Russell Westbrook, Bradley Beal react to Game 4 streaker

Wizards, Russell Westbrook, Bradley Beal


Amid the rising incidents of fans showing unruly behavior in arenas, Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal made sure to address the latest one involving the Washington Wizards.

On Monday in Game 4 against the Philadelphia 76ers, a fan stormed the court late in the third quarter. Fortunately, the said streaker was caught even before he reaches the players, with a security personnel tackling him to the ground.
The play stopped, but it was quickly resumed after the security team brought the said fan out of the Wizards’ arena.

Fan storms the court near the Sixers bench but gets tackled by security! ?
— ClutchPoints (@ClutchPointsApp) June 1, 2021

While no one was hurt in the incident, Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal still condemned the disrespectful and dangerous act. Russ didn’t hold back and had some strong words for the streaker.
“This is our job. This is not a game or some shit where you can run around and do whatever,” Westbrook said, per Chase Hughes of NBC Sports.
As for Beal, he admitted he wasn’t scared of the streaker since he has never experienced being attacked by one on the court. However, he emphasized he is ready to protect himself from the wild supporter if he needs to.
“I don’t want to use my hood term, but these hands work,” the Wizards top-scorer added.
The said streaker should probably count himself lucky he was stopped early before he reached the players. Who knows what would happen to him if he was able to do so? The said fan has reportedly been banned and arrested, so the issue is resolved now.
However, let Westbrook and Beal’s words be a warning to those who want a short shot at fame: just don’t.

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