Rainbow Six Quarantine to get new title during next Ubisoft Forward

Rainbow Six Quarantine renamed E3 Ubisoft Forward


Announced in June 2019, the game Rainbow Six Quarantine has been in development limbo for a while now. We got word last February that Ubisoft decided to change the game’s name in light of recent events. It seems like we’re finally getting to know the game’s new name this coming E3, during the Ubisoft Forward conference live stream.

Previously, Rainbow Six Quarantine was rumored to have the new title Rainbow Six Parasite. However, Ubisoft refuted this claim, saying that the “leaked” title is just a placeholder title. More details about the actual name of the game now until release will be revealed during E3. This is an apt time to do this, especially since Rainbow Six Quarantine was first revealed during E3 2019.
Rainbow Six Quarantine got delayed for its release when reception for Ubisoft’s other Tom Clancy games was lukewarm. The game went back to the drawing board to make sure that it’ll be better received compared to The Division 2 and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. To give an idea for the gameplay, it’s somewhat a callback to Left 4 Dead. The game will feature a team of three players. You and two other players explore a quarantine zone, fighting a mutated alien parasite that has been infecting everyone else. For R6 fans, think Outbreak from Rainbow Six: Siege.
Ubisoft Forward is where Ubisoft usually announces their upcoming new games. It was during a Ubisoft Forward that we first heard of Far Cry 6. We’ll likely hear about Ubisoft’s upcoming new games, especially more about their Ubisoft Originals titles. The Ubisoft Forward will be the very first presentation during E3 2021 Conference, opening the show on June 12. You can check out our online-only E3 2021 Online Conference Schedule Guide here.


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