Mark Wahlberg Shares Throwback of His Mom Alma for 50th Birthday

Mark Wahlberg Shares Throwback of His Mom Alma for 50th Birthday


Mark Wahlberg is celebrating his 50th birthday and he’s taking a trip down memory lane with his late mother Alma. Marky Mark, as we all know him, shared a throwback of himself dancing with Alma on Instagram to mark the occasion. The photo was taken in 1988 when he was just 15 years old.

Marky Mark shared the throwback photo on his Instagram account. He is seen holding Alma’s hand and she has a beaming smile on her face as they dance together.
Mark Wahlberg 1st birthday after Alma’s death!
Mark Wahlberg is mourning his first birthday since the death of his mother Alma. The two-time Academy Award nominee marked this milestone by posting a sweet throwback on Instagram to celebrate with her, showing off their shared love for New Kids On The Block.
“Miss you,” he captioned the post which also appeared to be from one of those Kool concerts given that there was just an NKOTB pass around Mark’s neck. But it wasn’t all fun and games: Alma died in April following her struggle with dementia at 78 years old as well as being divorced from Donald Wahlberg.

Mark has found solace in music ever before but now more than ever after losing someone so dear to him close up like no other could have been closer or more special.
Alma had high spirits until the very end. Donnie, Mark’s brother and fellow New Kid alum in tow, shared a sweet update on her health after he visited her with his family this summer: “We enjoyed our time together and laughed so much.”
Alma Wahlberg’s reason of death
Alma Wahlberg died from complications of colon cancer at age 84 back in 2008. Nine years later she was still going strong—so it came as no surprise that Alma would be there to celebrate daughter-in-law Alison’s birthday just weeks before Christmas last year!
“It is hard not having mom around for every milestone but I know we all have pictures or videos to share when needed,” said son Randy (who also happens to play bass guitar). And thankfully they have plenty of those videos in their family archives!
“We enjoyed our time together and laughed so much,” Randy recalled. “She was still sharp as a tack, she had the same sense of humor.” There were some other familiar faces on hand to help Mark celebrate his 50th with Alma.

Mark was one of many to celebrate his mother after her death. “My angel,” he wrote on Instagram, following the tragic news.
Feel of motherhood!
I love you so much,” he said in the end, holding back tears and throwing his arm around her neck. “Happy Mother’s Day.”
Tired of the same old narratives? Try this on for size. Recently, a throwback from Spencer Confidential actor Mark Wahlberg and his mother Alma showed up on social media.
The duo appeared in Season 10 (2014-2019) of A&E’s hit series “Wahlburgers”. It was there where viewers got to see how much love these two had for each other even after all their time apart!
It seems fitting that it would be Alma Wahlberg—a woman who always tended towards stoicism and pragmatic solutions in order to maintain peace among her family.
As a “throwback” to his early years in the rap game, the Boston-native shared an old photo of himself and his late mother Alma proudly displaying their matching tattoos.
I’ve been to many places in the world, seen so much and done so well that I’m proud of myself for what I have accomplished—but it’s not about getting there; it’s all about the trip.
– Alma Robertson Wahlberg (Marky Mark)


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