Where Chris Paul ranks all-time among point guards

Chris Paul, Suns


Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns is a future Hall of Famer, but as he gets older many are questioning where he ranks among all-time point guards.

Chris Paul is one of the best passers of all time but his lack of playoff success has hindered where he ranks amongst the other top point guards of all time.

“I’m having a hard time putting Chris Paul in my Top 15 PGs. I need more in the postseason. It’s crucial for his legacy that he finish off the Nuggets, beat the Clippers in the next round and get to the Finals.” — @RealSkipBayless pic.twitter.com/DdkGhu0M7g
— UNDISPUTED (@undisputed) June 10, 2021

He has a chance to improve his legacy this season as the Phoenix Suns are currently in the second round of the playoffs. If Chris Paul can help lead the Suns to the NBA Finals he will increase where he lands among all-time point guards.
Who is ahead of Chris Paul?
There are not a ton of point guards who were better then Paul but there’s a few most people agree on. Here are the point guards that are ahead of Chris Paul.
1. Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson is widely regarded as the greatest point guard off all time along with being one of the greatest players in general. Johnson spent the entirety of his career with the Los Angeles Lakers and was a dominant player. He won five championships and was a 3 time finals and regular season MVP. Johnson is clearly above Chris Paul. He has more accolades and most importantly playoff success.
2. Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry is sometimes debated as the greatest point guard of all time over Johnson but he is definitely above Chris Paul. Curry is a two time MVP and three time NBA champion. He is regarded as the greatest shooter of all time and has proven his ability to lead his team to a championship. Many people forget that he led the Golden State Warriors to a NBA championship before Kevin Durant joined the team.
For those reasons Curry is above Chris Paul on the the all-time point guard list.
3. Oscar Robertson
Oscar Robertson was a very revolutionizing point guard in the NBA and changed the game. Robertson was the first player to ever average a triple double in a season which has led for the way the game is played today. He is another player with success in the playoffs as he won a championship with the Milwaukee Bucks alongside star center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Robertson also won a NBA MVP award and is a Hall of Famer.
He is another player that is above Chris Paul on the all-tine point guard list.
4. Isiah Thomas
Isiah Thomas was a controversial player as many people loved him while others hated him. He was a very competitive and physical player and was the leader of the “Bad Boy” Pistons. Although he was hated Thomas accomplished quite a lot throughout his career. Thomas won two NBA championships and was a Finals MVP in one of them. He is also a Hall of Famer which adds to his elusive resume.
Thomas has too many accomplishments and success to be below Chris Paul on the all-time point guard list.
5. Steve Nash
Steve Nash is a very underrated player all time and many forgot about how great he was. Nash was a two time NBA MVP which is a main reason he is above Chris Paul on the all-time point guard list. He didn’t win an NBA championship which hinders his legacy but is a Hall of Famer.
Nash isn’t locked in to be above Chris Paul if Paul is able to have success in the playoffs as Nash was never able to make it to the NBA Finals.
Honorable Mentions
John Stockton and Jason Kidd were both great players but Paul is right above them. Stockton is the all time leader in assists but wasn’t able to win a championship even with a Hall of Fame teammate in Karl Malone. Kidd was also a great player but he was not the dynamic player that Paul is.
With all that said Chris Paul ranks 6th among all-time point guards but has the chance to enter the top five with a deep playoff run.

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