Lamar Odom Defeats Aaron Carter by KO in Celebrity Boxing Match

Lamar Odom Defeats Aaron Carter by KO in Celebrity Boxing Match

Aaron Carter came up short in his Celebrity Boxing match against Lamar Odom. On Friday, the spectacle saw the “Fool’s Gold” singer and 90s pop star that is Carter taking on Odom, a former NBA star who won two championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. Taking place at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City, the fight was the main event of a special Celebrity Boxing pay-per-view that cost people $30 to watch. Ice-T and his wife Coco hosted the event.
In the Carter vs. Odom fight, UFC legend Chuck Liddell served as the guest referee. Aaron Carter who’s about a foot shorter than Odom, did manage to have his moments during the first round. He landed several blows to the head, and if not for the protective gear, you’d have to wonder if any of them would have knocked down Odom. As it was, the former Laker stayed on his feet and proceeded to give the fight back to Carter.
Aaron Carter nearly knocking out Lamar Odom is the funniest thing I’ve seen in my entire life— Tyler Conway (@jtylerconway) June 12, 2021You’ve got to admire Carter’s dedication, but it seemed clear in the second round that he was going to need a miracle to pull off the win. With fatigue setting in, a final flurry of jabs from Odom would send Carter careening to the mat. Down on one knee with Liddell beginning the count, Carter appears to tell the ref he’s done, shaking his head and refusing to stand. After Liddell called the fight, Carter got back on his feet to congratulate Odom on his win.
#LamarOdom knocked out #AaronCarter during the second round of their celebrity boxing match ?— All Black Media (@allblackmedia) June 12, 2021All’s well that ends well, as the two fighters buried the hatchet by hugging it out in the ring after the celebrity boxing match. Both celebrities had made their boxing debut with the fight, but based on the results, it seems unlikely Carter will be rushing to sign up for another match soon. Meanwhile, Odom is feeling good after the win, and he’s already said he’s up for taking on another fight in the future, so long as the money is right.

This isn’t the only bizarre boxing match to make mainstream headlines lately. Last week, undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. came out of retirement for an exhibition fight against Logan Paul, the controversial YouTube sensation turned pro boxer. Because it was an exhibition, there were no judges or an announced winner, but Mayweather seemed to largely be in control of the fight. For his part, Paul did go all eight rounds with Mayweather, even though many had expected him to be knocked out early on. Still, many people believe that match was staged.
Meanwhile, Nate Robinson, another former NBA player, made his own pro boxing debut against Logan’s brother Jake Paul last year. Unfortunately for Robinson, his newfound path as a pro fighter was not as successful as Odom, as he was knocked out cold in the second round by Paul. As it stands now, Jake remains undefeated with a record as a pro boxer of 3-0, and his next fight will be against former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley in August. Some details of this story come to us from TMZ.

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