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Ty Lue reacts to Kawhi Leonard Game 3 backlash


Los Angeles Clippers head coach Ty Lue has heard the backlash Kawhi Leonard received for his actions in Game 3, but he has remained mum on the issue and instead chose to praise his superstar for his contributions to the team amid his absence.

For those not in the know, Leonard received some criticisms for watching Game 3 in a Staples Center suite instead of being on the bench with his teammates. While some deemed it understandable given that he watched the game with his kids, several Clippers fans roasted him for that.

My exact thought. Why is kawhi in a suite at home when his team is on the floor. Playing… true leader right there. https://t.co/mgqZFd7tSX
— Rexy Rex® (@Rexy_Rex_95) June 25, 2021

Why is Kawhi sitting in a suite and not on the bench with his team? pic.twitter.com/wpkd7EYqqL
— Lauren Cooper (@LCooper4__) June 25, 2021

When asked about the blowback to Kawhi Leonard, Ty Lue simply had ‘no comment” before going on to praise his player. According to the Clippers coach, Kawhi has been more vocal since has has been sidelined for the team.

Ty Lue was asked for his reaction to the blowback Kawhi Leonard received for watching Game 3 in a suite.
“No comment,” he said.
— Melissa Rohlin (@melissarohlin) June 26, 2021

Ty Lue said Kawhi Leonard, who has always led with his play, has been much more vocal since he’s been out.
— Melissa Rohlin (@melissarohlin) June 26, 2021

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Leonard has been out for the Clippers since Game 5 of their series against the Utah Jazz due to a knee sprain. With him ruled out for Game 4 against the Phoenix Suns, his absence now extends to six contests in the 2021 playoffs.
Unfortunately, it is still unknown when he will return. The Clippers are taking a day-to-day approach on his injury, but the team has not really provided a clear update on his injury status.
There is hope he would be able to return at some point in their Western Conference Finals series, and the Clippers are certainly wishing that would be the case since the Suns continue to show they are legitimate title contenders.

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