Dennis Schroder’s eye-popping asking price, revealed

Dennis Schroder Lakers contract


Dennis Schroder wants a massive bag, and he doesn’t plan on settling for anything less. The Los Angeles Lakers guard is sitting out playing for his German national team’s Olympic qualifiers for that exact reason.

Now it appears that the vice president of the German Basketball Federation, Armin Andres, revealed the massive windfall that Dennis Schroder is expecting, a sum they just couldn’t insure for the Lakers free agent.
Via Abteilung Basketball podcast, reported by Manuel Baraniak.
“Dennis Schroder has communicated this clearly: he wants 100, 120 million – which he will probably also get – and this sum insured cannot be insured on the normal market at the moment,” Andres said of the Lakers guard.
That’s a lot of zeros. Dennis Schroder famously turned down a less lucrative, but still hefty $84 million extension back in March before the Lakers’ failed playoff run. Schroder played a huge role for the Purple & Gold during the regular season, averaging 15.4 points and 5.8 assists on 43.7% shooting.
But his numbers dropped significantly in the Lakers’ first-round matchup against the Phoenix Suns. Schroder still scored 14.3 points per game, but his shooting percentage fell to just 40.0% flat. His assists dropped from 5.8 to 2.8, a significant plunge considering how LA desperately needed playmaking next to LeBron James.

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