Google suffers a general crash: Gmail, YouTube, Drive or Meet blackout

google server down

A general drop in Google applications. Services like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Drive were not working and Google was returning a server error to its users. This has been fixed.

Google has been down almost entirely for about an hour. In Spain, almost all the services of the Google office and leisure suite have been totally disabled. Google Drive, Gmail, or YouTube have been the most affected services.

At around 1:00 PM PST, the core Google services stopped working. Curiously, Chrome, the Google browser has continued to work, but the rest of the services have not. All have given server failure or have not directly loaded their pages.

As we see on the Downdetector website, the most affected services have been YouTube, Google Drive and Gmail, that is, their most important applications. In addition, the Nest devices and others designed for home automation did not work either and have been affected by the fall.

Update: the Google Workspace service page shows that all crash problems have been fixed and that the services are working normally again, as confirmed by Google Spain.

Widespread Google crash

The problem, as we see in Downdetector, has mainly affected Europe and part of the United States. The failures are not limited to the inaccessibility of services; In the Google search engine, we have encountered some problems, such as substantially high load times or the unexpected closure of some accounts.

In Google Chrome the information syncing has been paused in some cases and parts of Google like Google Images take a long time to load. All this indicates that Google has not suffered a specific drop in some of its services, but has had a general problem.

Even Google Stadia, Google’s video game service, has been affected days after the release of the Cyberpunk 2077 video game. In-app services, such as the Google Play Store, the Android store, did not work either.

The fall has occurred throughout the world, but the largest number of reports comes from Europe, specifically from the central part. The UK area appears to be the most affected, with the highest and earliest reports.

What to do in these cases?

For now, the reason for the fall is unknown. Considering that most of Google’s major services have gone down, it seems that the problem has been really serious, and there is no data on when Google will fix the problem.

Some users have discovered that part of the problem has been with the login of some services. Progressively, Google applications have been restored.

In this link, we can see the Google Workspace services that are down, which are practically all. Currently, at 2:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time, the service has been restored.