Julián Lozano, Spanish kickboxing champion, dies at 19 after a hunting shot

Julián Lozano, Spanish kickboxing champion, dies at 19 after a hunting shot
Julián Lozano, Spanish kickboxing champion, dies at 19 after a hunting shot

Very sad day for kickboxing and contact sports in Spain. The current champion of the discipline, Julián Lozano Pintado, died this Saturday after being accidentally shot while on a hunt. The boy, only 19 years old, received the projectile and died almost instantly.

It was an unfortunate accident that took the life of Julián Lozano Pintado this Saturday while the young man was participating in a hunt. Everything has happened in the municipal area of the Badajoz town of Valdehornillos, where nobody gave credit to what happened since the tragedy was horrible.

Víctor Menacho, mayor of the municipality, has confirmed to EFE that the fatal incident occurred in the area known as Plaza de Armas, very close to the town of Valdehornillos. The tragedy has overwhelmed everyone since it was a boy of only 19 years who died in a terrible way and by an unfortunate accident.

Julián was a well-known boy in Badajoz and throughout Extremadura due to his strong ties to kickboxing, a sport that had become very popular in his area. In addition, kickboxing had become a family passion for him, as he had participated with his sister Rocío in the last European youth category, showing a good example of his ability and his great future.

The news has been a huge stick for the entire kickboxing environment in Spain. For his part, the president of the Spanish Kickboxing Federation, Cristian Gamero, wanted to send a heartfelt message in these difficult moments for the boy’s family and friends, who died at 19 years of age.

Kickboxing pain

“The FEKM collective joins the great loss of Kickboxing in general and of the Extremadura federation in particular. Our most sincere support to family and friends for this loss.” This message of condolences came from Guadalajara, where the championship of Spain of the absolute category was being disputed.

In addition to having participated in the European youth championship, Julián Lozano Pintado was the Spanish kickboxing champion, which is why he was considered one of the great promises of the specialty, with a great future ahead of him due to his athletic conditions and great talent.


Very sad day for the Amalian family ?.