WandaVision finale may disappoint some theory fans

WandaVision finale may disappoint some theory fans


The director of WandaVision said that the series finale will disappoint some theory lovers.

According to Matt Shackman, the authors expect the completion itself to be successful, but it is simply impossible to justify the huge number of fan theories. During the release of the series, a huge number of them have accumulated on the network.

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And it seems that the conclusion of the story will be easier than some expect – although some theories do seem to come true. According to Shackman, their writers should feel “very smart” after the show ends.

The creators have always tried to tell the story of Wanda, who copes with her own tragedies, and in this sense, the events in the finale will be kind of inevitable. Although there is still room for some surprises. Not to mention, her story will continue in the sequel to Doctor Strange.