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Shoaib Akhter Said that IPL Should be Postponed

Shoaib Akhtar on his YouTube channel said that the situation in India is destructive if they can stop the IPL if they can not do this, with the most SOPs, India is Burning & League is better but they should stop. Therefore, not saying that PSL was postponed, now IPL should be done, I think PSL should not be in June.

He said that at this time IPL is not important, money spent on the league should be spent on oxygen cylinders, people’s lives can be saved, at this time we do not need cricket heroes and fun. We want to save people’s lives in Pakistan and India.
“Pakistan is also close to the delicate situation, only 10 percent of Vanity liters are empty, people are not implementing SOPs, my government is requesting that the final 10 or 15 days of Ramadan should be a curfew, Eid Shopping No need, people have to be very careful.

Remember that new global records of Corona patients are set up in India, on the other hand, continuous graphs in Pakistan started to go up, the number of active cases has reached 80 thousand.

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