Golf Cart Battery: Lithium vs Lead Acid

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Currently, the golf cart market is booming, and most golfers want to own the carts rather than hiring. To invest in the Best golf cart batteries, you need something reliable and durable. For so long, lead-acid batteries have been considered the best products, but that is not the case—the introduction of highly effective lithium batteries, especially electric golf cars. The batteries have been made with high technology to ensure they can serve you on the golf course for the longest time possible.

I can frankly say that these batteries came to solve the problems that lead-acid batteries have experienced. Moreover, they are more cost-effective.

Below is a highlight of some of their advantages;


The batteries require zero maintenance. Can you imagine cutting the maintenance cost to zero? As you may be aware, lead-acid batteries are cumbersome; therefore, they make the cart sluggish most of the time. Heavy batteries have been a problem for years now, but finally, the developers and manufactures may have found the solution. Moreover, the performance ratio of these lighter batteries is high. In addition, chemical spills is now a thing of the past, meaning you will rarely experience moments of downtime.

Battery Charging Speed

Regardless of the type of battery, you are using, you have to charge it. Getting a cart battery to full charge takes a reasonable amount of time. Complete charging a battery will reduce the reliability since it is not advisable to use a battery if it is not in complete control.

For the Lithium batteries, they can get to full charge in less than 2 hours, meaning you will be back on the course soonest possible. For some batteries, partial charging is not advisable, but for these batteries, you can use them effectively whenever you feel like it.

Environmentally friendly

Currently, every manufacturer has to equip an idea with an eco-friendly aspect. As earlier mentioned, the batteries take a short time to full charge, meaning they use less energy.

Furthermore, the batteries do not contain any hazardous substance which may be harmful to the environment.

Battery Cycle Life

Whenever you plan to buy a golf cart battery, one of the primary specifications you have to look at is the battery life cycle. For those golfers who spend much of their time on course, you need a product that will serve you the longest time possible without charging.

An average lithium battery can cycle between two thousand and five thousand times; whereas, an average lead-acid battery can last roughly five hundred to one thousand cycles. Although lithium batteries have a high upfront cost, compared to frequent lead-acid battery replacements, a battery-operated lithium cart pays for itself over its lifetime.


These are some of the advantages that come with these new batteries. As there may be more improvement to make them even better, these can still serve you well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Batteries Compatible?

Yes. However, the compatibility comes with an installation cost. Some modifications need to be made to the batteries before they work effectively.