Sean McVay, LA ready for 2021 NFL Draft with epic war room

Rams, Sean McVay


Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams are committed to doing their Zoom calls in style. With the organization preparing for the NFL Draft on Thursday evening, McVay showed off his portion of the team’s “Draft House” in Malibu, replete with multiple screens, a gorgeous window-view, and couch stickers to boot.

For reference, our Zoom meetings usually include unfolded laundry in the background.
(Via Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times)

Sean McVay’s set-up for draft
— Gary Klein (@LATimesklein) April 27, 2021

While most franchises have opted to return to their headquarters after being forced to socially distance last year during the pandemic, the Rams have opted for a more cheerful locale to conduct their draft proceedings.
Having toured over 30 homes in the greater Los Angeles area, the Rams brass settled on a 9,000 square foot, six-bedroom, five-and-a-half bath mansion in the quiet beach community to serve as the backdrop of their selections.
Though LA will undoubtedly have the coolest digs of any franchise in the league, the Rams will have to get creative if they plan on making any picks during the first round Thursday night. After acquiring quarterback Matthew Stafford from the Detroit Lions earlier this offseason, Los Angeles is not scheduled to make a selection until late in the second round Friday night. In total, the Rams have six picks in the draft, including a pair of third-round options.
Still, while they may not have quite as many picks as they would like in order to add to their roster, the Rams’ willingness to spend on amenities such as the Draft House and their stadium to spike fan interest has to be commended. In addition to the successful PR campaigns, the team has been a consistent contender since their move to Southern California, providing another entertainment option in a region overflowing with them.
The only question now is if Sean McVay will provide viewers as good a view as he has in Malibu by going shirtless.

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