How to get better FPS in Mass Effect

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition brings a lot of new graphical changes to the table. The Mass Effect remaster makes the galaxy as beautiful as ever. However, these graphical upgrades might take a toll on your computer. Hence, there might be some adjustments and compromises you have to make to maintain consistent performance. Thankfully, the folks at PC Gamer did all the tests to determine which settings you can change that will have the most drastic impact on your FPS.

Quick Graphics Settings Changes on Mass Effect Legendary Edition that has the most impact on FPS
While we usually want to turn on all of the graphics settings to make our game look as amazing as possible, the technical limitations of our computers may not always allow us to do so. For Mass Effect Legendary Edition, some graphics settings have way more impact on our systems than others. Sometimes, these graphics settings may do more harm than good, hampering our experience without adding too much value. Thankfully, PC Gamer did all the tests and benchmarks on their computers to help us decide which settings to keep off and which to keep on. Do note that while the rest of the games can have up to 240FPS tops, the cutscenes are all locked at 60FPS.
According to PC Gamer, the most impactful graphics setting that you can turn off is the Dynamics Shadows setting. Dynamic Shadows help improve the realism in video games, but considering how Mass Effect doesn’t have the most believable character models, it’s not that big of an issue to remove this. Turning this off may improve your FPS by up to 16%.
The next option you should try turning off is Ambient Occlusion. This setting usually improves realism by making light’s behavior more accurate. Turning this off can give you a 7% uptick on FPS. Finally, you can turn off Antialiasing, which may be the oldest trick in the book. Antialiasing affects the game’s visuals so much, but if you’re still needing better FPS, turning this off can get your FPS up by 6%.


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