LeBron James should face consequences for breaking NBA rules

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In an epic middle of the night news dump, it was announced that Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James broke NBA protocol when it comes to dealing with COVID-19.

This news broke only a few hours after an interview featuring the Lakers star was making the rounds in which he wouldn’t state if he got the vaccinated.
In turn, if the NBA were trying to be less hypocritical, the league should either suspend the star for a game or — if we’re dealing with COVID semantics via the government — force him to isolate in a bubble for over a week.
With the NBA Playoffs now here, and LeBron James operating as one of its biggest draws, of course the league won’t do any of that despite previously doing so with “lesser” players just… THREE GOSH SLAM DAYS AGO.

James broke the NBA rule so he could attend some promotional deal for a tequila brand he backs because priorities!
Knowing this will be met by Lakers fans with fury, let’s get this out of the way first: Shut up. If this were anyone who wasn’t a top one percent player in the NBA, or one who wasn’t on the most important franchise in the league, the tequila pusher would be met with fury by the NBA; perhaps even publicly admonished by Adam Silver for doing stuff sideways.
But because it is LeBron James, countless people will do backflips and mental gymnastics to point out how this isn’t actually a big deal or anything.
Unfortunately, this gives all the shut-up-and-dribble losers more credence. They’ll couple LeBron’s brazen breaking of COVID rules with his non-stance regarding the league’s relationship with China, as well as his absolutely bizarre inability to answer a question about if he got a vaccine or not, as “proof” that he’s all talk and no action.
Given his recent run of incredibly backward thoughts and actions, it’ll be hard to disagree with them anymore.
Nevertheless, NBA, it’s your move. Do something maybe?

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