5 Things that devs need to fix ASAP to make it a better game

Biomutant needs to fix


Biomutant was one of the most anticipated games of the year, so it’s a shame that it didn’t meet the hype. Still, we don’t think the game is unsalvagable. The game has a lot of great moments, ideas, and features that it’s going to be a complete waste if these all go down the trash. Hence, we’d like to share the 5 things we believe Biomutant devs Experiment 101 should fix ASAP to make the game better.

1. More seamless NPC conversations
The world of Biomutant contains interesting characters, creatures, and critters. However, every time you get to talk to one of these anthropomorphic characters, the game frustrates you so much that you won’t want to talk to anyone in the game ever again. The game forces you to listen first to the mindless drivel of the creatures. Mind you, the drivel’s actually cute and endearing. But whenever the NPC’s done talking, the narrator then butts in, telling you what the NPC’s actually said. It’s a long-winded unnecessarily complicated way to handle conversations that makes talking to NPCs a huge chore.
How to fix this: Both the NPC chatter and the narrator’s voice acting are good on their own. The problem is that the two don’t really work well together. Experiment 101 should just choose between the two, or at least make it so that the conversations aren’t unnecessary clanky. The devs can simply lower the NPC chatter volume and let the narrator speak over it simultaneously. It’ll save a lot of time.
2. Better camera and target-lock controls
It’s not like Biomutant doesn’t have a target-lock system. It’s just unwieldy. Whenever you enter a battle, the camera will automatically target-lock to one of the enemies (usually the biggest one). However, if you want to switch targets, you’ll have to use the right analog stick to choose your target. Switching targets is a chore because you also use the R stick for camera control (which is horrendous, by the way.) Hence, switching targets can mess up your perspective and open you up to enemy attacks. Furthermore, the close camera zoom makes it so that you barely can see what’s happening behind you. This makes it hard to anticipate enemy attacks, ruining the combat experience.
How to fix this: Map target locking elsewhere. Allow the player to adjust the camera zoom. More camera control options.
3. Biomutant needs better sound design and musical score
We admit, and everyone agrees, Biomutant is a visually appealing game. It has a lush environment and a colorful world. However, a lively world could use livelier sounds. Sadly, Biomutant‘s sound design is very poor. The game has serviceable background music, but it doesn’t help set the tone. It doesn’t help raise emotions and give the game more personality. While that by itself is fine – a lot of great games remain good even with bad musical scores – the game’s bad sound effects are a worse problem. Hits just don’t feel like hits because of the weak sound effects that play when you attack an enemy. Worse, some cutscenes become comedic thanks to the lack of sound effects.
How to fix this: Thankfully, this part can be fixed with updated sound files. Even modders can do this, provided they know which files to change. The sound engineering team might have to go back to the drawing board and get inspiration from other games on how crisp sound effects should sound like.
4. More varied forts and environments
One of the most exciting parts of Biomutant is its factions system. The player has the option to subjugate the factions. To do this, the player takes over these factions’ forts, which basically means find the fort and beat up everyone inside. The problem is that, even though the factions supposedly are unique from each other, the forts just feel the same. There’s not enough variety between these forts, and it makes it feel like doing the same quest over and over again for each of these factions.
How to fix this: More time should be spent designing these forts. The best-case scenario would be implementing a random seed generator for these forts. This will help give the forts at least some diversity, giving players different experiences whenever they invade one. If they can match this with more unique features for these forts, possibly even unique mechanics on how each fort plays out, then that would be better.
5. Biomutant needs better personalities for NPCs
Just as we mentioned earlier in #1, the world of Biomutant is filled with weird-looking but cute creatures. However, almost all of them’s devoid of personality. A part of this comes from the fact that the NPCs only speak gibberish, and the narrator only explains what they say. It takes away personality from the NPC and makes them all feel like the same person.
How to fix this: Perhaps the narrator can be more direct in his interpretations or translations. For example, instead of saying “He wants you to take this job,” the devs can add more personality by having the narrator actually tell you the exact words of the NPC. “I want you to take this job, bud,” says the creature. It makes a world of difference with this design change, although it might require an entirely new script for Biomutant.


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