Derrick Rose a bad Julius Randle game away from exploding

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It’s not in Derrick Rose’s nature to put his team on blast when things don’t go right But by God, Julius Randle and the New York Knicks are getting Rose in a reasonable position to go full Gunnery Sergeant Hartman on his team. That’s after a hard-to-watch (for Knicks fans at least) New York 105-94 loss to the Atlanta Hawks Thursday night on the road in Game 3 of their 2021 NBA Playoffs first-round series.

For most of the game, it seemed that Rose was the only consistently functioning member of the Knicks on the floor. He put up 30 points to lead his team again in scoring, while the rest of the Knicks combined for a giant meh of an effort to leave the former league MVP high and dry again.
If you ever need just a couple of stats that sum up how the Knicks performed in Game 3, here’s a good one, via Stat Muse:

The Knicks shooting tonight
13-21 — Derrick Rose16-59 — Rest of team
— StatMuse (@statmuse) May 29, 2021

For his part, Randle dished out a spectacular performance in Game 3. Just kidding. He sputtered on the court from start to finish, making just two shots on 15 attempts from the field to end up with 14 points — mostly on the strength of an 8-of-8 clip from the free-throw line.
After three games in the series, Randle is averaging just 14.7 points on an atrocious 24.1 field goal shooting percentage. He’s become so hard to watch for Knicks fans, who can’t help but grimace every time he throws a brick while being challenged by an all-time defensive great in Danilo Gallinari.
Derrick Rose needs help soon.


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