Safaree’s Fans Are Blasting Him Over His Behaviour Towards Erica Mena

Safaree's Fans Are Blasting Him Over His Behaviour Towards Erica Mena


As you probably know by now, Safaree and Erica Mena seem to be over again. It’s been reported not too long ago that she filed for divorce. Now, no matter what Safaree is posting on his social media account, fans hop in the comments and have something to say about Erica and their baby girl. RELATED: Erica Mena Throws Shade At Wendy Williams For Talking About Her Marriage Check out his recent post. ‘JULY 4th I got something special coming! Cancer gang ! REAL SPECIAL!! I’m not playing With it ??? STUNTGANG COMING HARD’ he said. RELATED: Erica Mena Flaunts Her Best Assets In A Special Dress For The MTV VMAs After-Party Someone said: ‘How is your wife and baby?’ and one other folower said: ‘according to court records she has filed for di we and asking for joint custody of Safire. There was an article saying it.’ A follower said: ‘she’s asking for sole custody, child support and the sole use of HIS home,’ and one other follwoer said: ‘ oh snap thank you the real deets. Makes sense. I forgot she wanted the house too. Wow she claims to be so independent you think she would want a fresh start in her own home.’ Ona fan posted this: ‘He messed up public embarrassment and she has the two babies she independent and deserves the house she made a home for the kids.’ Someone else said: ‘She asking a question he can’t answer. That’s rubbish lol,’ and one othe follower said: ‘how can she be on the deed of a house they dont own? They rent the house put, someone else owns it. His name is on the lease, you can look it up its public record. He has talked about paying for all the renovations.’ A fan said: ‘I really wish you would try to work on your marriage. Everyone goes through ups and downs. Sometimes you have to learn to compromise. Giving up so easily isn’t the answer. You both look so good together , have a beautiful family and your having another child on the way. Speak to papoose if you need advice. Praying y’all find understanding ???’ Stay tuned for more news.

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