The truth behind Julio Jones’ live TV drama

Falcons, Julio Jones


When former Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones went viral a couple of weeks back after he was live on Shannon Sharpe’s “Undisputed” show, apparently he had no idea he was on live TV.

Via Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, when Jones said “I’m outta there,” to Sharpe over the phone, he had no clue he was on the show live.
“Along those lines, I have it on good authority that Jones had no clue that he was on national TV when he said to FS1’s Shannon Sharpe, “I’m outta there” two weeks ago, which led to his trade request becoming public.” – Albert Breer.
Many had wondered at the time if the former Falcons star had knowledge that he was on live television given that Sharpe had just called him out of nowhere and didn’t preface the conversation by letting Jones know.
Julio Jones has been a quiet, keep-to-himself wide receiver throughout his entire career off the field. He hasn’t ever stirred up any drama, no controversy, which made it all the more surprising to see him throw the Falcons under the bus on live television. Now we know why he did it; because he thought he was on a normal call with just Shannon Sharpe.
The clip went viral and put even more pressure on the Falcons to get a trade down, which they ultimately did, sending Jones from the Falcons to the Titans for a pair of draft picks.
With Julio now in Tennessee, we will see how he performs in his first year not in a Falcons uniform in his career.

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