Mark Cavendish gets emotional after Tour de France stage 4 victory

Mark Cavendish, Tour de France


With EURO 2020 taking the attention of much of the world, the Tour de France has gone on pretty unscathed. However, Tuesday morning the Tour circulated throughout the news because of a stage 4 victory by Mark Cavendish, who has defied all the odds and got back on his bike to win the stage.

Cavendish’s reaction after capturing the stage was priceless.

Not sure I’ve ever seen anything quite like this.
— Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) June 29, 2021

Truly remarkable for Cavendish, who had not participated in the Tour since 2018 and contracted Epstein-Barr virus. Many thought he was done, but this latest performance by Cavendish proves otherwise and the story writes itself.
He never gave up and kept fighting to get back on the bike, and his interview after the stage 4 victory is absolutely amazing.

“So many people didn’t believe in me – and these guys do!”
A very emotional Mark Cavendish reflects on a stunning stage win at #TDF2021 – his 31st overall at the race.
— Eurosport UK (@Eurosport_UK) June 29, 2021

Cavendish said he didn’t think he would ever return to the Tour de France, so to return and win a stage is unbelievable for him. He was immediately met by fellow racers after the finish, who congratulated Cavendish on the feat, and broke down into tears after crossing the finish line.

Mark Cavendish was in tears after winning Stage 4 of #TDF2021 today, and look at the support he got from his fellow riders.
— NBC Sports Cycling (@NBCSNCycling) June 29, 2021

A remarkable scene at the Tour de France stage 4 and this will be remembered as the race Mark Cavendish won after overcoming adversity, and even that is going to be an understatement.
Hats off to Mark Cavendish.


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