LOL esport: How it became a success in Esports World Know Everything

LOL Esport

LOL esport is a phenomenon that has been growing over the years and today generates more money than traditional sports do. It was a revolution in e-sports that, from humble beginnings, grew to be one of the most popular games among players around the world, which even at its simplest level requires teamwork and communication to be successful.

 What is esport? 

According to Wikipedia, it’s a “Professional competition using video games.” Esport began in the mid-2000s when video games started to become more and more popular with the general public, and online gaming grew exponentially. The players of these games, especially ones that require teamwork, started to form teams and play against each other in tournaments that gained more popularity over the years until streaming platforms made it possible to reach a wider audience.

What is a LOL Esport?

LOL Esport is one of the games that today are considered the most popular in e-sports. This MOBA game was released by Riot Games in 2009. LOL quickly became one of the most played games in Steam, and according to official data, by 2013, there were around 70 million active players every month. The game itself is free to play and has five players in each team, and both teams fight with the objective of destroying the enemy base called Nexus. Each player controls an avatar with specific abilities called champion. The game repeats until one of the two conditions is met: destroy all towers in all three lanes or destroy the enemy’s Nexus.

What makes LOL Esport so special?

The magic happens because the game is free, and a lot of people have played it at least once. This makes LoL a lot more popular than other similar games such as DOTA2. In the league, you can see what items your team needs, you can see how your team is performing, and in general, it’s easier to learn.

LOL, Esport itself has a lot of depth, so there are players that spend thousands of hours playing it and getting better at it, making the competition even more challenging. But this isn’t an easy task, so many people enjoy watching the best players play on online streaming.

This has resulted in the creation of professional leagues where fans from all around the world can watch their favorite players play league of legends live or via online streaming websites. In these tournaments, the best teams compete for glory and money! The ease of watching games has made this type of competition really accessible to the general public, so it’s not strange that they have grown in numbers exponentially.

The most popular league of legends tournament is the World Championship Series, which has been played for five years already and will keep on getting bigger until 2020, when there will be a total prize pool of 4 million dollars!

Many famous professional gamers today started their careers in these tournaments, and it’s no coincidence that the growth of LoL’s fanbase has been exponential.

 Why had LOL Esport become so popular recently?

LOL Esport has become so popular because it’s free, easy to follow, and extremely competitive. It started with small tournaments, but today there are established professional leagues where the best players play every day for hours to keep themselves on top of their game. The fans love this type of competition since they can easily watch their favorite teams play against each other through online streaming services. The question now is, what’s next? In the upcoming years, we will find out if LoL Esport has a bright future ahead of it or if other games such as DOTA2 will push it away from the top spots.

LOL, esport is a two-sided coin. On the one hand, you have people that play the game and others that watch it through streaming websites such as Twitch. Tv, which nowadays isn’t only limited to league of legends. The fact that the game is streamed to so many people has made it one of the most played games in e-sports because even if you don’t have the time, dedication, or skill to play it competitively, you can enjoy watching others playing at their best while commentating.