Are Austin And Houston Actually The Best Places To Live In Texas?

Are Austin And Houston Actually The Best Places To Live In Texas

Texas is a state featuring distinct suburbs and exurbs. It is not only the second most populous US state but is also the second-largest state in the US. After states like New York, California, Florida, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Washington, and New Jersey, Texas is the new go-to residing option for many. Talking of residing, a list of things that need to be considered thoughtfully before picking a place suddenly pops up in mind. And if you’re having a hard time picking a place to reside in Texas, this article can be of your interest.

Are Austin And Houston Actually The Best Places To Live In Texas

Especially after the Covid-19 breakdown, not just families but businesses also had to go the whole nine yards setting up the operational units or plants in different places. And several big business players like Samsung, Oracle, and Tesla have expanded their business in Texas in the previous two years. Tesla owner Elon Musk said that the reason for shifting the company’s headquarters from CA to Texas (TX) was to share proximate space with the Gigafactory Texas facility and SpaceX. Oracle also pondered upon the point of flexibility in operations and enhanced working environment, which influenced the company to take the decision of shifting its headquarters from Silicon Valley to Austin. It won’t be wrong to say that Texas might dwell in a new-age home with opportunities second to none.

Known as the “Lone Star State,” Texas has it all that one looks for in an area to relocate or live in, be it job opportunities, commuter networks, safety, education system, cultural mix, affordability, and travel destinations. If Texas is your prospective move-into place, give this article a read to learn about Austin and Houston, which are regarded as the best places to live in Texas.



Popular as ‘The Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin is the capital of Texas. The musical hype, annual events, museums, cuisine, libraries, and beautiful water bodies such as Lake Travis, Lady Bird Lake, McKinney Falls, Barton Springs, the 18th longest river in the United States- Colorado Lake all together with the sunset glow of this beloved city makes it one of the best places to live in Texas. Otherwise, why do you think it is regarded as the ‘City of the Violet Crown’ after Athens (Greece)? But let’s not ignore the elephant in the room and look into the basic necessities that this city proffers.

The SXSW city is a hub of business corporations, both huge and small-sized. This city has acquired the title of ‘Silicon Hills’ as a nickname since the mid-90s as several high-tech firms made their way to it. Today giants like Apple, Google, IBM, Dell, etc., operate their business from here, while some of them have their HQ situated right in here. Nevertheless, the ‘Keep Austin Weird slogan backs up the small or local businesses over huge enterprises with its support. So one will certainly find a way to their bread and butter while in Austin.

Are Austin And Houston Actually The Best Places To Live In Texas

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According to, which provides data regarding cities, colleges, schools, etc. of the US, more than 50 percent of the population of Austin lives in rented accommodation, and the typical amount that one can expect to shed off for acquiring a house: own is 337400 USD (25,693,010 INR); rent is 1280 USD (97,472 INR). While one can source it out from the expected median income (of a household) from 71576 USD (5,450,512.4 INR), financing options are also available for the same.

Right in the Downtown, you’ll find the tallest residential building in Austin city with 58 stories- The Independent; the city is full of accommodation options. This city is as expensive as it is beautiful, and this one thing makes many cutoff this option from the list of best places to live in Texas and look to get settled in its neighbourhood areas, namely, Gateway, Hyde Park, Triangle State, Old Enfield, Hancock, and Old West Austin among many others.

Regarding the city’s crime rate, the reports from the FBI indicate that it is among one of the safest cities in the United States. However, its suburban areas have experienced an upward shift in crime rates. The FBI reported serious crimes in this city in 2016.

Also, the commuter network here in Austin collects mixed reviews from people. As per residents’ reviews on, the heavy traffic loads of Austin give them a really hard time making the commute. Ridesharing is commonly seen in Austin. The metro infrastructure serves as a linkage between the city, suburbs, and rural areas.

The education system in Austin comprises both public and private schools and higher education institutions, one of the apex bodies, the University Of Texas, is situated in this city which offers a wide range of fields to pick from, including medical courses, biomedical sciences, engineering, marketing, business management, fine arts, etc. You’ll get more information on schools and universities in Austin through the links given above.


Another name that can’t go missing in any article that talks about the best places to live in Texas is- Houston. It is referred to as the most diverse metropolitan area in Texas and is growing with time. If you are planning to move, there are apartments for rent in South Houston that are perfect for starters. The ‘H-Town’ city has developed into a hub of companies today with MNCs such as Phillips 66, Waste Management Inc., Men’s Wearhouse, and many more. In fact, Houston incorporates the second-most Fortune-500 of any US municipality. There’s a lot to explore in this city to mark the leisure days, like Bayou Music Center, Nasa’s Space Center, annual fests, and major hockey and baseball tournaments. Not just common sports tournaments, Houston, in fact, has secured a place among a few cities in the world that are represented by esports. Isn’t it cool?

The ‘Bayou City’ is an admirer of art through music concerts, theatre shows, cowboy history, and collections of historical, medical, and cultural research as well. Apart from ‘Bayou City’ and H-Town, this city also gets acknowledged as ‘the 713’ and ‘Space City.’

Are Austin And Houston Actually The Best Places To Live In Texas

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Criminal incidents in this city have been a matter of constant consideration. Since 2016 the homicide attacks have been constant. Talking of thefts and murders in the city, the FBI reports claim a downward shift since 2006. Past trends also hint towards persistent crime in this area. Nevertheless, the authority and police force are always up to make the city safe and comfortable for the people.

This place is a welcome home to many different cultures with a more urban population in comparison to Austin. More than 55 percent of the inhabitants reside in rented apartments here, for which, as per the stats from, the residents have to bear an expense of 1041 USD (79,272.15 INR). If you wish to have an owned property here, you can get the deal closed at around 171800 USD (13,082,570 INR), both median, while the typically expected household income is 52338 USD (3,985,538.7 INR).

Educational institutions, whether schools or colleges (be it private or public), would be found in abundance in Houston. Healthcare and medicinal research have been the most favoured areas in this city where the first-ever hospital in the Texas Medical Center was founded; yes, I’m talking about Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center.

The city offers various modes to commute, namely, buses, metro networks, trolley vans right from Downtown and other areas as well. While you can use public and owned vehicles here, which the residents here rely on, you’ll also cross paths with those who love to divulge in the beauty of this city by walking.

The list of best places to live in Texas is never-ending. Through this article, I’ve tried to give a glimpse of two of the best places to live in Texas, compare and choose for yourself among these and several other places.