5 Benefits Of Cloves To A Woman & Myths That You Must Know About

5 Benefits Of Cloves To A Woman & Myths That You Must Know About

Clove isn’t just for elevating the taste of a cuisine-based dish. In fact, it has a long hauling traditional history of other uses as well. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of cloves to a woman and to what extent they are actually legit.

With so many home remedies being developed, we fall for anything and everything as today’s life is running against the clock. But turning a blind eye isn’t a smart choice when it comes to one’s health.

Especially women are quite quick to pick remedies for a plethora of purposes, be it a weight loss tea or body care routine. If your search for today is about the benefits of cloves to a woman, then give this article a read.

Benefits Of Cloves To A Woman

The origin of cloves comes from Syzygium aromaticum, a member of the Myrtaceae family. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t back up any medicinal use of cloves. However, for ages, cloves have had a traditional and historical background of benefits that are justified by their properties. Here are 5 benefits of cloves to a woman:-

1. Pain Reliever

From managing household chores with an office schedule to keeping up with your kids to organizing get-togethers, women hardly get time to sit and breathe, which is why body pain and headache are complaints that can be heard a dime a dozen from them.

5 Benefits Of Cloves To A Woman & Myths That You Must Know About

Due to the presence of eugenol, cloves possess the power to dissipate pain. The presence of this phytochemical makes the sensory organs numb to pain to a certain extent that, in turn, doesn’t let you feel it.

Massaging clove oil over pain-triggered areas is thus suggested by aromatherapists. This is one of the miraculous benefits of cloves to a woman.

2. Aids Toothache

Cloves that have eugenol present in them. Thus clove oil proffers the effectiveness of acting as an aid in toothache. That’s why in India, most parents do fix one thing in their children’s minds, that if their tooth or gum is hurting, a clove is their superhero for instant pain relief.

Simply place the clove on the part of your mouth that’s hurting and wait for a minute or two before the clove does its wonders. So the next time you can’t bear the toothache until your next appointment with your dentist, you know what you need.

3. Antibacterial Superpowers

Oft-times it becomes quite hard to bear with the cold. Dust particles are also to blame majorly for this, among other things, as they too, cause nasal infection.

5 Benefits Of Cloves To A Woman & Myths That You Must Know About

Women who are homemakers are especially prone to this issue. You can tie a cloth of thin breathable material to hinder any dust particles from entering your nose, but if you’re already suffering from the ill effects of nasal infection for the point of time, then the antibacterial benefits of cloves to a woman are no less than a blessing.

Cloves have antibacterial properties that keep a plethora of irritation-causing bacterial infections at bay. Simply take 3 to 5 cloves and grind them. Now roast the clove powder on a pan (before you assume, let’s make it clear we aren’t preparing any dish, so avoid oil) for 15 to 30 seconds, put it into a handkerchief and tie it into a knotted bundle. Now inhale the aroma of clove. It’ll effectively relieve you in your struggle.

4. Relieves Stress

Clove oil is fully bursting with essential phytochemicals that make it an efficacious product for aromatherapy as it is effective in relaxing the mind and body of an individual.

5. A Natural Freshener

Women are quite considerate about the smell. Another benefit of cloves to a woman is that it is nifty to be used as a natural freshener, especially for women who are allergic to room fresheners and their related products, cloves are a quintessential product.

5 Benefits Of Cloves To A Woman & Myths That You Must Know About

In past times as well, cloves have been used as a pomander, and orange was typically used for this purpose. It just doesn’t cut off the foul smell but also shields against infections. Usually, people used to keep it either in the cupboard or room to refresh the air. It won’t be wrong to say it is a natural room freshener and air purifier as well.

Cloves And Women Fertility: Does Clove Improves Fertility In Women?

Infertility is a major issue that has been experiencing a massive escalation on a global level. Most times, women become a direct target to go for experimenting with their body system, and since clove happens to be a natural ingredient, it is often perceived as the best solution to give it a shot without getting through the actual picture. But what if that is not the case? Read further to have insights regarding this…..

Cloves are often associated with increasing the production of hormones that are associated with reproductive or sexual health, such as libido, progesterone, estrone, and testosterone in the human body of women. Also, it is believed to treat any imbalance in the disinterest in mating. But there isn’t any strong evidence that can validate the authenticity of these facts.

That’s why it is not justified to conclude that cloves can treat disinterest in mating and fertility in women.

Who Should Stay Away From Cloves?

  • It is a research-backed fact that people with immune disorders, food allergies, blood clotting disorders, or liver disease can face severe ill effects by orally using cloves for medicinal purposes.
  • Other than that, there isn’t any evidence that backs up the fact that cloves are an optimum go-to solution for keeping blood sugar levels intact or treating premature ejaculation or symptoms of fever such as dengue.
  • Pregnant women and lactating mothers must consult with the doctor before integrating cloves into their health plans.
  • Also, overuse of anything can turn its bright sides into a negative and thus can affect adversely.

Apart from being a kitchen ingredient, there are a plethora of other benefits of cloves to a woman, which have been discussed in the above article. Since humans’ built, nutrient deficiencies and lifestyles vary, it is advisable to research well and consult with your physician or a specialist before using anything as a health ingredient.