10 Postpartum Essentials For Moms To Start With The New Journey

10 Postpartum Essentials For Moms To Start With The New Journey

Motherhood is a blessing. That’s the time when a woman realizes how strong she is in reality physically, mentally, and emotionally. But with all the worries and happiness possessing the mother and the family, postpartum essentials for moms can slip off your mind.

It is the tendency of moms to forget to take care of themselves even before they see their child’s face. No doubt, it’s a beautiful feeling that can’t be put into words. Nevertheless, self-care and hygiene are actually more crucial for moms after they give birth. Because now, the baby will spend most of the time with the mother, which is why neglecting self-care isn’t an option.

A postpartum essentials kit for moms would also be a thoughtful gift to a friend whose due date is approaching. So go through the list below and present your bestie with a heartfelt sign of happiness.

Postpartum Essentials For Moms

Of course, you were so busy planning how to take care of your little one that you really haven’t thought about what you’ll need post-pregnancy. Well, don’t worry. Here is the list of postpartum essentials that every new mother should get as soon as possible:

1. Maxi Sanitary Pads

Of course, pads are basic, but still, they shouldn’t be underestimated. Blood discharge begins in no time after welcoming your little one. So you need maxi pads.

10 Postpartum Essentials For Moms To Start With The New Journey

You can think why so much emphasis is being put on the maxi pads and if you can use a tampon or menstrual cup. Menstrual cups are not suggested for new moms because lochia– the discharge from the vagina, includes blood and other bacteria. And chances are a menstrual cup/tampon can make the bacteria reach up again into your uterus and can cause severe infection. That’s why gynecologists recommend pads for after-birth bleeding and not tampons or menstrual cups. Also, keep changing the pad every 2 to 3 hours.

Moreover, new moms might also face the wrath of hemorrhoids (it is similar to varicose veins). In simple words, hemorrhoids are piles. In this situation as well, you need to use sanitary pads.

2. Padsicles

10 Postpartum Essentials For Moms To Start With The New Journey

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Of course, you must have regular pads, as heavy vaginal bleeding will last a little longer before you return to your everyday life cycle. Padsicles can be quite an effective healer. These pads provide a cooling effect that soothes the burning sensations. Many new mothers strongly believe that padsicles are really helpful in the first few days after the birth of a kid.

3. Peri Bottle

After the birth, the perineal and vaginal area gets swollen, and it takes some time to heal. That’s why wiping it isn’t a good option. This is where a peri bottle comes in handy and is a much-needed postpartum essential for women. Fill warm water into the peri bottle, turn it upside down and squeeze the bottle to spray water on the area you need to clean.

Best Things For Moms After Birth

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This way, there won’t be any germs and smell in the vaginal and perineal areas. Even moms who opted for c-section surgery must add a peri bottle to their postpartum essentials checklist as the skin also needs time for recovery.

4. Perineal Spray

Best Things For Moms After Birth

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Itching and burning sensations in vaginal and perineal areas are common after a kid is born. Perineal sprays are thus a quintessential postpartum essential for moms. But be sure to pick the one only after researching about it and consulting your doctor about its effects on breastfeeding.

5. Sitz Bath Kit

One of the postpartum essentials that new moms need is a sitz bath kit. It relieves the soreness and inflammation in the perineal area. Also, it is very effective in the case of hemorrhoids. But keep in mind that if you’ve got stitches, skipping the sitz bath kit would be good for you. This is so because, in that case, the chances of getting a bacterial infection can go out of hand.

Best Things For Moms After Birth

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A sitz bath kit is readily available at pharmacies and e-commerce stores. One must not spend more than 5 to 15 minutes in the sitz bath.

Ideally, one must dry the washed body region. Not to even mention that the sitz bathtub and/or kit must be cleansed thoroughly before and after every use. Though this kit can come in quite handy, if any irritation or dryness is felt, you must stop using it and consult your doctor or dermatologist.

6. Nursing Pads

Postpartum Needs Checklist

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Another of the postpartum essentials for moms is nursing pads or breast pads. After a baby is born, a mother hardly gets time to catch her breath, let alone changing clothes every few hours. Thus, nursing pads are used to avoid the clothes getting wet. These pads stop milk leakage and let moms feel at ease. Changing nursing pads over regular intervals will keep the chances of getting a bacterial infection at bay.

7. Support Garments

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A woman’s whole body goes through countless emotional and hormonal changes during and post-pregnancy. Having comfortable support garments is a small yet very effective way to deal with the new stuff. Where loose and comfortable outfits can make the daily chores less hefty, the right support garments are also essential.

8. A Yoga Routine

Believe it or not, but yoga or exercise time has to be on your schedule. Things can be quite overwhelming post-pregnancy. So you will surely need time to catch your thoughts. And yoga and exercise routines can help you remain calm while dealing with sudden unplanned changes.

Things new moms need for themselves after birth

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Pelvic exercises like Kegels can strengthen the pelvic floor. For mothers who opt for vaginal delivery, such activities have long-term benefits. It’ll help counter the muscle weakness due to which urine leakage becomes typical in new moms.

9. Water Holder With Straw

Even in the ordinary course of routine, we tend to neglect the importance of hydration, let alone the postnatal period. That’s why a water holder with a straw is on this list of postpartum essentials for moms. This is, in fact, the most underrated after delivery care for mothers.

Things new moms need for themselves after birth

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The bottle capacity has to be enough that you don’t have to refill it frequently. Also, with a straw in place, you won’t be afraid to clean the spills if the baby kicks the bottle.

10. Faith

10 Postpartum Essentials For Moms To Start With The New Journey

Above all, you must have faith that everything will go well. Don’t let the ‘what if’ scenarios take a toll on your faith. Trust the Almighty and gradually go with the flow. This faith can’t be purchased from anywhere. Nonetheless, a positive environment can firmly keep the moms and baby/babies mentally strong. 

It’s not just the baby who has to explore a whole new life. Even mothers also get on board on an entirely unpredictable journey.

With a lot going on inside their head, physical changes also significantly impact their lives. The above article has thus enlisted 10 postpartum essentials for moms, which can help tackle the post-pregnancy changes.