LeBron James hypes up Carmelo 2.0 Kiyan Anthony

Carmelo Kiyan Anthony LeBron James Blazers Lakers


Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James was all praises for his “nephew” Kiyan Anthony, the son of Portland Trail Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony. The King recently shared highlight clips of the 14-year-old on his Instagram stories, showing him tearing it up against kids his age.

The four-time NBA MVP said the younger Anthony got game like his old man, leading LeBron to suggest that it’s probably in the genes.


Here’s some younger Kiyan content if you’re already looking to scout him just like LeBron has:

To be fair, Kiyan did look like Melo in the clip, as he scored effortlessly using a wide array of moves. Looks like he inherited his pops’ gorgeous perimeter touch. That hop step lay-up combo he just performed also had Melo written all over it.
LeBron and Kiyan, meanwhile, aren’t technically related but he and Anthony are practically brothers on and off the court. The Lakers megastar also has two sons who are also following in his footsteps, as his eldest Bronny is expected to be drafted in the league in a couple of years.
Kiyan, on the other hand, is around the same age as LeBron’s second-born Bryce who will also be turning 14 this June.
As evidenced in the past, offsprings of even the most talented NBA superstars are not guaranteed to have the same level of success as their fathers. However, seeing guys like Kiyan playing a high level of basketball at a young age is definitely a great development for the league’s future.
For sure, Kiyan already receives major props from Melo, but to have LeBron James noticing his game is indeed a great motivator to get even better.

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