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Your Guide to Windtrace Event


Following the start of the new Archon Quest and the Energy Amplifier Initiation event, comes the next limited-time event arriving in Version 1.5: Mondstadt’s Windtrace event. Hence, we made the Windtrace Guide to help players win in this event.

The game of Windtrace is reminiscent of one of the histories of Mondstadt. It reminds an era of tyrannical aristocrats and the uprising of brave citizens during the time of unrest. When the underground network of protesting citizens grew larger, the aristocrats planned to snuff out the rebellion with Hunters. The clash between the two sides became significant enough that historians included this in Mondstadt’s history books of Mondstadt. The game of Windtrace is a gamified reflection about the grim past of days bygone.
This co-op exclusive event is all about the game of hide-and-seek, where players assume the role of either a Rebel or a Hunter. Both roles having their own set of skills to give the player an advantage. Simply participating in this game nets players varying amounts of Windtrace coins. There are milestones to reach, and getting there gets you coins and rewards like Primogems, Talent books, EXP books, and Mora.
Even if you don’t have friends to play with, it’s quite easy to join a game thanks to automatic matchmaking. For the solo players out there, it’s completely possible to play without socially interacting with any of the random players in your game. Every game will accommodate four players, with one player being randomly set as the Hunter, and others as Rebels.
Windtrace Rebels Guide in Genshin Impact
The Rebels have three skills, each replacing the Normal Attack, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst. 
For the Normal Attack, one can choose between Transparency and Lay Bait. Transparency allows the character to become invisible for three seconds. Use this to juke Hunters during a chase, or to reposition when they’re trying to sniff you out. Lay Bait places a Bait in front of you to confuse the Hunter. When caught, their vision will be obscured if they attempt to capture the Bait. Lay Bait is very situational and might even give off your hiding location. Use it wisely and it can be useful on certain spots if you know where to find them.
Disguise replaces Elemental Skill, which transforms you into any of the objects that fit in your current map. Take note that you will lose your disguise whenever you attempt to glide or swim. 
Starstep replaces Elemental Burst, which greatly increases your movement speed for 30 seconds. This is very useful during a chase. It can be activated after gaining a favor, which also denies the Hunter their own favor.
Hunters Guide in Genshin Impact
The Hunter also has three skills like the rebels, but with different mechanics involved. The Hunter’s Normal Attack is replaced with one of two skills: Sensor Aura and Mysterious Hunch.
Sensor Aura lets you scout the area around your character, notifying you if a rebel is within it. Mysterious Hunch shows you the direction in which all Rebels can be found. Usually, Mysterious Hunch is the better choice, because it works globally and gives you a good lead. Its longer cooldown says it must be used wisely. 
Capture! replaces the Elemental Skill, which lets you dispel the disguise of a nearby Rebel and capture them. This is your bread and butter ability and is used for sniffing out props that you think might be disguises of enemy Rebels. 
The Hunter’s Elemental Burst is replaced with one of three skills: Imprisoning Curse, Insight, or Hunter’s Intuition.
Imprisoning Curse dispels and restricts the movement of a random Rebel, which is great in combination with Mysterious Hunch.
Insight shortly dispels and disables the disguises of all rebels, and briefly gives information on their whereabouts. This ability is not that strong because the Rebels can simply run away and hide, and the short duration on the info doesn’t help that much anyway.
Finally, Hunter’s Intuition dispels the disguise of a random Rebel and marks their position for a long duration. While affected, the Rebel can’t put on a disguise and gets a pillar of light when they are nearby. This is one of the best abilities especially for sniffing out the last hiding Rebels during a game.
Strategies for Windtrace Guide in Genshin Impact
There are a couple of strategies that people have been using since this new event came out.
For the Rebels, higher ground like structures, cliffs, and tall ledges, are always good hiding spots. Hunters have to commit their time climbing them and can cost them the round if they didn’t find any to capture. With the help of Transparency, you can even juke them out by repositioning, and climbing back again once the Hunter gives up his search. Small cubbies on certain maps are also good places to hide, as well as on top of lamp posts or above trees. Once the Favor drops during the latter end of the round, it can be a great idea to snatch it from the Hunter.
For the Hunters, make use of your Mysterious Hunch wisely, as it’s only your reliable lead to finding the Rebels. Sometimes, it helps to stay still and move your camera around, as it makes it easier to survey large areas and spot Rebels wiggling around, or even help you plan your next route to sniff at. It’s best to methodically plan your route and be thorough when searching each area you investigate. Take note of the Favor that arrives during the round, as it can lead to a sure capture with the combination of your Burst and your Mysterious Hunch.
Windtrace is a fun event that doesn’t need a lot of preparation and is quite friendly even for players who got used to always playing solo. The rewards are also quite good considering how easy it is to play this event. Hence, we made this Windtrace Guide so everyone can enjoy the event. If you’re looking for something fun to do while waiting for your furnishings to finish forging, then Windtrace is definitely the event for you!

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