Devolver Digital teases ‘Monetization as a Service’, MaxPass+

Devolver Digital Monetization as a Service MaxPass+


It’s almost E3 weekend, so it’s not surprising that E3 developers and publishers are in full marketing mode right now. One such example is Devolver Digital, which teased their Monetization as a Service plan, promoting their MaxPass+ E3 Event. They do this with their “Devolver MaxPass+ Prologue” teaser video, presenting their marketing team in a mocking, self-aware tone. It also featured Nina Struthers, too. Fans of Devolver Digital would be very familiar with her, who has hosted the company’s E3 presentations in the past.

On what “Monetization as a Service” will mean to Devolver Digital’s games will be, we’re not entirely sure yet. But we’re sure that Devolver’s MaxPass+ Event will be full of surprises. It’s going to be wacky and tongue-in-cheek, as Devolver usually does. So far, Phantom Abyss and Death’s Door are sure to get their release dates during this event, but we’re pretty sure there’s more to come.
Devolver Digital will hold their MaxPass+ Event on Twitch on June 12, 1:30pm PT.
Devolver Digital is a video game publisher based in Austin, Texas. They’re beloved by the indie game scene for their award-winning games, such as Serious Sam, Shadow Warrior, Hotline Miami, and Fall Guys. More recently, they’ve also delved into publishing films, which explains their penchant for these short films they produce for their marketing team.

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