PJ Tucker’s impassioned speech on guarding Kevin Durant

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The Milwaukee Bucks are still alive and PJ Tucker is all for it.

The Bucks staved off elimination after soundly beating the Brooklyn Nets in Game 6, 104-89 to force a do-or-die match. Tucker only put up three points and five rebounds, but he once again covered Kevin Durant for most of the game. His passion-fueled comments after their win, however, were his biggest contributions (via The Athletic’s Eric Nehm).
“It’s the playoffs, man. I don’t know what people think. We dream about this our whole lives. You dream about being in the playoffs and guarding the best player in the world. Like, I’ll die out there. I’m living my dream. I’m not backing down from nothing. I’m fighting for every inch. I don’t understand all this little stuff. Me and Kevin fight every year. I’ve guarded him every year in the playoffs.”
The 36-year-old burly forward, who has had quite the journey before finding his niche in the NBA is indeed no stranger to Durant. Even during their high school days, Tucker already faced the former MVP.
“Golden State. Oklahoma City. Doesn’t matter. Regular season. Playoffs. I love guarding him. I enjoy it. He’s the best scorer I’ve ever seen in my life. I told Rick Barnes on his visit when he was a junior in high school, he’s going to be the best player I’ve ever seen in my life.”
Tucker also dismissed the notion that he shouldn’t be praising Durant. He pointed out that doing so is the greatest challenge for him as a defender.
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