How To Watch Professional Poker Online


The invention of the hole-card camera, patented by the late Henry Orenstein, changed the way people watched live poker forever. Using this special device, cameramen could record video footage of a poker player’s face-down cards. Having this footage made poker games all the more exciting to watch. Now, pro poker has evolved from its early cable TV days to the streaming ecosystem. And it’s going from strength-to-strength.

This is good for two reasons. The first is pure entertainment. Poker has been popular TV since the early 2000s and remains lots of fun to watch, with many well-known pros from the heyday still in the game. The second reason though is that watching provides an opportunity for improvement for players. Observing the pros closely is a great education opportunity in and of itself. There’s no one better to learn from if you’re interested in the game!

Whatever you’re in it for –– the entertainment, the learning value, or simply to have one more option in your rotation –– here are a few easy ways to watch top-level poker.

Twitch streams

Streaming has become so popular that developers have invented social media platforms specifically for gaming streamers. And no other streaming platform compares to Twitch. The super popular streaming platform seems to contain a little bit of everything these days –– poker included. While most of the shows we’ll mention here also have their own Twitch channels and live streaming schedules, some players and groups prefer to play exclusively on Twitch –– either for fun, or because they haven’t joined up with other platforms yet. Chances are, if you look for poker on Twitch, you’ll find a few live games at any given moment (which is excellent news for those who may not be located within the U.S. and would still like to watch some games).

PokerStars Live

Twitch is a great outlet for all types of gaming content, but some audiences might prefer a platform that’s main focus is poker. Twitch is a great outlet for all types of gaming content, but some audiences might prefer a platform that’s main focus is poker. Here’s where PokerStars comes in. PokerStars an online poker cardroom, responsible for one of the best poker apps on the market. And as a leader in online poker, PokerStars hosts and streams some of the largest online poker tournaments worldwide. The PokerStars Live platform includes a tournament live stream segment with live commentary provided by James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton. Sometimes there are even live giveaways and contests for swag, tourney tickets, and other goodies. It’s a great option for enthusiasts who want to see professional games recorded and streamed in high quality. The platform’s website also has plenty of content to keep both beginners and experienced players busy and learning.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports will assume control of broadcasting the World Series of Poker moving forward, which ultimately amounts to a lot of televised poker content. The channel can be accessed through a number of different partial cable streaming packages (like YouTube TV, fuboTV, and Roku). And with WSOP’s professional recording and easy-to-follow formats, this content is great for those who are learning how to play poker and looking to up their game –– or for those who are just beginning to become fans of the pros.

Partypoker TV

Partypoker TV has a wide variety of shows available, including tournaments, a weekly poker showdown, and giveaways for those who are active on their Twitch streams. If you can’t watch them live, you can also catch recorded videos and highlights on their Youtube channel. Take a look to check out which shows you’d like to watch, and what their scheduling looks like.


PokerGO, operated by Poker Central, is a paid subscription channel and streaming service that supports different poker shows and tournaments, cash games, and more. They also offer some free episodes, or free experiences, right on the website. You can use iOS and Android devices as well as Roku and Amazon in order to watch PokerGo content.

Today, cable TV is no longer your only option for watching poker games. Internet platforms like Twitch, PokerStars, and PokerGo let fans watch fun poker games right at their fingertips, any time they want.