German health minister wants to extend entry ban

German health minister wants to extend entry ban

Travelling to mutation areas such as Tyrol and the Czech Republic should be made as difficult as possible for the Germans by the beginning of March.

The strict rules for entry from so-called virus variants are to be extended until the beginning of March. Health Minister Jens Spahn sent a cabinet proposal to the other members of the government on Monday evening and asked for quick approval. In the submission, Spahn states that the restriction of entry into Germany is “necessary” for a further 14 days. This was reported by spiegel, which has the paper.

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The strict rules apply to Tyrol. Travel is therefore to be stopped or made difficult to make unattractive, so that Germans prefer to stay at home and not even try to cross the border.

Countries such as the UK, South Africa, and Brazil are also affected. However, the regulation also applies to Portugal, the Czech Republic, because much more contagious virus mutations have been detected there.

The regulation is a ban on transport, which, for example, prohibits airlines from flying passengers from the risk areas to Germany. Exceptions currently apply only to German citizens, persons with a right of residence and transit passengers who only change trains in Germany. Saxony and Bavaria also want to allow commuters from the Czech Republic and Austria to pass through strictly limited.