The idol group V6 will be disbanded on November 1st, announced by Johnny’s office on the 12th.


Idol group V6 will be disbandedon November 1st:

◆ To all the fans … Full comment from V6 [Announcement of dissolution on November 1st]

Formed as an image character for the “Volleyball World Cup” in 1995, it made its CD debut on November 1st of the same year. Member Go Morita (42) left Johnny’s office and became independent after November 1st this year. Masayuki Sakamoto (49), Hiroshi Nagano (48), Yoshihiko Inohara (44), Ken Miyake (41), and Junichi Okada (40) will continue to belong to the same office and continue to work individually. ..
Regarding the dissolution of the group, the members jointly named “We started to discuss our life deeply from around the spring of 2019. We talked with only 6 people many times, and each one is big as one man. We have decided to make a decision. This decision is not a negative one, it is for us to grow and take the next step. ”
While discussing the direction of the group, Morita’s remark that “I want to challenge as an actor in an environment away from Johnny’s office” triggered the discussion, including the survival of the group.
Also, the unit in the V6 group, 20th Century (members are Sakamoto, Nagano, Inohara) will continue to exist. Coming Century (members Morita, Miyake, Okada) will end their activities with the dissolution of V6.

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