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The bodybuilder who divorced the first sex doll after the breakup also made the third doll his companion.


Nursultan Nazarbayev (Monitoring Desk) – A bodybuilder from the Central Asian country of Kazakhstan is becoming the focus of international media attention every day because of his shameful sexual orientation. The bodybuilder, Yuri Tolushko, first married a sex doll, whom he named Margo, who broke up a few weeks after the marriage and divorced him, with a strange sex doll. The body of this sex doll is like a hen and the head is like a woman whom Yuri has named Lola. Now he has added another sex doll to his strange sex doll, but this new doll is the one that Yor Tolushko has called his sister so far.

Little girl Leona

This sex doll is like a little girl, whom Yuri has named Leona. When Yuri married Margo, Leona has been with him ever since and adopted him as her sister. Now Yuri has sex with Leona and Lola at the same time.

Yuri Tolushko

According to the report, Yuri Tolushko has been in the news for many years due to his sexual misconduct. When he announced his marriage to Margo, he was severely criticized and some angry people threw him in the market. Despite this, she stuck to her decision and married Margo.

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