Michael Porter Jr. funny comment from Facundo Campazzo

Michael Porter Jr., Facundo Campazzo, Nuggets


If this story doesn’t make you chuckle, then you are a heartless android. Michael Porter Jr. had another huge game for the Denver Nuggets on Monday, leading the team to an impressive win over the Memphis Grizzlies.

Porter tallied a game-high 31 points on 12-of-19 shooting from the field, on top of seven rebounds. After the game, Nuggets rookie Facundo Campazzo, who’s in his first year playing in the United States, was asked to describe Porter. The shifty playmaker from Argentina, however, had a terrible choice for an adjective—literally.

Facu, when asked about MPJ: “He’s a terrible …. terrible’s a good thing?”
Nuggets PR: No
Facu: “The opposite of terrible. … Great! He’s a great shooter.”
— Mike Singer (@msinger) April 27, 2021

Clearly, it was simply a case of lost in translation for Campazzo, who’s quickly grown into one of the fan favorites (how can he not with that amazing name?). As one Twitter user pointed out, Campazzo was obviously trying to pay a compliment to Porter, who has been on fire lately with the Nuggets missing firepower—terribly—from injured wingmen Jamal Murray and Will Barton.

In Spanish, the word “terrible” is often used as a compliment, when something is too good
— TheHumbleBonecrusher (@MrsPoornerves) April 27, 2021

With Murray and Barton sidelined, Campazzo has also earned extra burn time, playing 30 minutes against the Grizzlies, chipping in seven points, seven assists, and two steals. For the past few games, the diminutive floor general has proved that his contributions are, um, what’s the opposite of unimportant?
Porter’s 31-point performance against the Grizzlies came at the heels of his career-best 39 points against the Houston Rockets in their last game.
With a tough five-game schedule ahead, including games against the Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers, and New York Knicks, Michael Porter Jr. will have to continue his splendid scoring. Or as Facundo Campazzo likes to put it, “terrible.”


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