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Tom Brady the reason a Florida man got arrested for beating friend’s ass


Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and New England Patriots legend Tom Brady is often the subject of debate as he continues to solidify his GOAT status. A Florida man (you know the story will be good when it involves a Florida man) apparently got so heated during a recent argument about Tom Brady that he beat the hell out of a friend and got arrested for it.

The Florida man, 33-year-old Brian Paulter, even injured his friend’s wife and his own wife in his rage. The group was involved in a day of drunken debauchery in St. Petersburg when things turned ugly over Brady.
The New York Post has the details:
“A heated argument regarding Tom Brady began and [Paulter] became enraged,” the court document states.
The fight turned “physical” when they got home — and Paulter allegedly hit his male friend several times in the face, causing visible injuries and a lot of blood, cops said.
Paulter then allegedly became “combative” with his buddy’s wife and shoved her, along with his own wife — who fell and hit her head on the kitchen counter.
His wife was left with a big bruise on her forehead and a “large laceration,” according to the court doc.
Now, I’ve gotten in my share of drunken sports debates in my time, but this is just next-level stuff. Going ham on a friend, his wife and then your own wife is a sign that you’ve definitely had way too much to drink.
This dude just needs to take a chill pill and enjoy watching Tom Brady lead the Buccaneers to more glory, unless of course he’s not a fan. Then he just needs to chill.

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