Draymond Green’s fires scary LeBron James warning to NBA

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The Los Angeles Lakers may be down 3-2 against the Phoenix Suns, but Draymond Green wants to remind everyone: never ever count LeBron James out.

After predicting that the Brooklyn Nets will come out of the East and head to the NBA Finals, Green continued his bold prediction and claimed in an AMA session with Bleacher Report that he doesn’t see LeBron’s Purple and Gold losing to any team in the West.
“Who is coming out of the West is coming out of LA. I’ve seen LeBron down 3-2 before and seen him bring his team back to another NBA Finals,” Green said of James and the Lakers.
Now that is some ringing endorsement and a rather bold take from Draymond Green, especially considering the situation the Lakers are in. Anthony Davis’ health remains a big concern, and the Suns continue to thrive with Chris Paul leading the way.
Green does have a good point, though. While it may seem an impossible task, it is worth noting that LeBron has done what was deemed impossible before. Remember the 2016 NBA Finals when LeBron carried the Cleveland Cavaliers to come back from a 3-1 series deficit against the Warriors? Dray surely remembers.
While LeBron is older now and seems to be declining in his level of play, it’s just ridiculous to write him off this early. If there is anyone who knows how to win the playoffs amid the high pressure, it’s LeBron.

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