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Sydeon fights back against toxic players abusing her on VALORANT


It’s not easy to fight against toxic behavior online, especially if you’re the target of sexual harassment. We’re all playing video games to de-stress or to compete, so getting targetted for any form of online harassment is not only frustrating – but it also destroys the experience entirely. While others would not find the courage or energy to fight back, Twitch streamer and cosplayer Sydeon used her platform to fight back online harassment directed at her.

ALLLSOOOO saying “it’s videos games shit talk is normal get used to it” is not it. If that’s the culture then fucking change it
— Sydney🔮 (@Sydeon) June 22, 2021

During one of her VALORANT matches, Sydeon encountered a player that made an issue with her gender. In a series of tweets, Sydeon shared her experience. “Queued one solo [queue] game,” tweets Syndeon. “Got held hostage after they yelled at me telling me to get back in the kitchen and asking why I even [queue] up to play games. I’m shaking I’ve never been so upset people either call me boosted for playing with friends or I get flamed cause of my f***ing gender.”
She then followed up her tweets with an official reporting of the incident. She tagged the VALORANT Twitter account and asked for them to investigate the harassment case. Thankfully, someone from Riot Games reached out to her. They’ll be checking the audio log and text chat of the match to confirm Sydeon’s claims. We imagine whoever was responsible just got their due.
Perpetuating gender biases in video games persist today. It is, therefore, important to speak up against toxic behavior. We applaud Sydeon’s effort to speak up and fight back, and to Riot Games’ community team who handle these cases on a daily basis.

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