Luka Doncic’s dad fires sarcastic shot at ESPN reporter

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A lot has been said about the rumored negative attitude and leadership of Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic, but the father of the Mavs playmaker hinted that what the media say is often far from the truth.

NBA ESPN insider Brian Windhorst recently insinuated that Luka might be the problem of the Mavs, saying that the youngster may be a “difficult person” to deal with considering his oncourt outbursts and the fact that he often whines about officiating and such. He then went on to note that he is not sure how many players would actually want to play alongside the 22-year-old in Dallas.
Of course, the comments came as a shock considering Luka’s talent, level of popularity and the fact that he is known as a baller who plays with joy on the court.
Luka father, Sasa, shut down all the concerns about his son’s personality, though. While he admitted he hasn’t read or heard what Windhorst said, the Doncic patriarch is confident the Mavs point guard is not what the insider has painted him to be and noted that people around him actually “feel good”–a sign of “good leadership.”
“I don’t know. Maybe this journalist is probably the biggest basketball genius. So please don’t ask me about it (laughs)” Sasa said, per Basket News.
I’m telling you, what he is doing in the NBA is more than great. I’m talking as a basketball fan. As a father, I’m very proud of him. He’s not afraid of anybody. He has this heart and guts to compare with everybody. What he’s doing at 22 years old in the NBA, as a European player, I think, nobody does this.”
True enough, what Brian Windhorst said is merely his opinion and shouldn’t be taken as if someone from the Mavs organization actually said it.
Luka Doncic can be emotional at times, especially on the court since he is used to winning. However, that only goes to show his desire to win at all cost something that should not be taken as a negative trait.
As his father said it, the Mavs youngster is a leader who leads by example. There can be talks and rumors contrasting it, but at the end of the day, Luka lets his game do the talking.


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