A Look Into Scafell Pike Routes

A Look Into Scafell Pike Routes

Being the highest mountain peak of England, Scafell Pike is an eminent spot for hikers. Touching the sky at 978 meters high, this wonder got a place in the Lake District National Park, Cumbria. And this article covers the available routes that end at the mountain’s summit. Before that, there’s a fact for you, did you know this rocky mountain has been gifted to the National Trust by Lord Leconfield as a memorial of the First World War.

Since then, the National Trust team has been watching out for the keep-up of the Great Gift in the Lake District.


Basically, there are 4 routes to the top-most mountain peak of England, namely, Wasdale Head, Langdale, Borrowdale (or Corridor route), and Eskdale. Apparently every route has the same destination (the mountain summit) but has different adventures in store for you. One thing must be kept in mind that the ideal route varies for everybody; we’ll also discuss that in this article.

Let’s begin…..

Borrowdale (or the Corridor) Route

The Corridor route starts at the Seathwaite, making a way towards the hamlet near the Sty Head and is full of gravel stones. Parking space is available here, and besides the visitor’s vehicles, you’ll also catch the glance of the rescue team with ambulances. Walking ahead of the Stockley Bridge, which was built back in ancient times as a packhorse destination, one can see the Grain Gills Valley, which turns to Styhead Gill in the southwest of the valley, and from there the route to Piers Gill follows at the right, blistering with the view of barns, sheep, valleys, and stones of every size.

A Look Into Scafell Pike Routes
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Soon the slopy pathway connects to the Wasdale route near the Great Gable and Broad Crag, where you can join other climbers. The zig-zag streets lead to the summit of Scafell Pike. The Rangers of the National Trust are always present at distinctive points of the track, and one can also join the organized groups. It is always advisable for first-timers to join such a group.

This route is exciting among the all Scafell Pike routes because it welcomes the ones with a trekking spirit to participate in the National Three Peak Challenge, in which people take part from all around the globe to climb the highest hills of England, Scotland, and Wales in 24 hours. This global-level competition is organized to raise money for charitable purposes.

Wasdale Head Route

Passing the National Trust (NT) parking area at the start of Wasdale Head, the path leads towards the old bridge. The pathway ascends, offering a united view of the Lingmell at one end facing the Great Gable at the other. The pathway until the summit is steep but considerably short and most popular among Scafell Pike routes. Not to mention, there are plenty of resting stops, food sources, and washrooms throughout the way. After all, it will drive anyone crazy to walk without restoring energy at points.

A Look Into Scafell Pike Routes
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Travelling by this route is a bit risky, being steeper and alarming to those with acrophobia for one thing and confusing as to share the path with the Corridor route for another. Here, the scrambling way also emerges into zig-zag mountain ways near the summit.

Langdale Route

At a distance of 20 km from England’s highest peak, this is the longest route among all. The journey on this particular route begins from the NT Parking area at Stickle Ghyll in close proximity to the Old Dungeon Ghyll hotel. Passing through the Langdale Pikes, Mickleden, and Stake Gill, one’s sight gets occupied to the board pointing towards the Rossett Pass where cliffs of the Bowfell mountain, the 6th highest mountain of the breathtaking Lake District, holds the attention. Then at a little distance comes the convergence point to most of the routes, the Esk Hause, which makes the process of identification clumsy for the mountaineers.

A Look Into Scafell Pike Routes
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Nevertheless, it won’t be that tricky for people residing in the Lake District. And as the path takes turns from the Great End and Broad Crag, the mountain’s summit gradually reveals itself. By this route, one can witness the beauty of valleys, rocky roads, and plateaus.

Eskdale Route

A Look Into Scafell Pike Routes
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Amongst other Scafell Pike routes,the Eskdale one is the least travelled by. Initiating from the village Boot near to the south of the Eskdale, this route is guarded by the River Esk to the sideways, which eventually brings out the Great Moss. Near the Jubilee Bridge, we have the parking area that sets off the path to Hardknott Pass. Literally walking alongside the river, the road leads to the renowned Cam Spout Crag, and it might puzzle the walker on the way until the Rough Crag and, at last, stepping forward through the Chambers Crag unveils the iconic jaw-dropping rocky summit of the mountain.


Well, there isn’t one ideal route to climb up the Scafell Pike, and that’s quite obvious because it depends upon the person’s health, stamina, and willpower. While the researchers or experienced hikers can state which Scafell Pike routes are the longest and which one is the shortest, it won’t be accurate to point out which one is the most ideal. The best-suited path will be the one which is selected taking into consideration the aforestated factors together with the weather conditions at the time of planning so as to when you’ll be tying your shoelaces to get on this rocky trip.


The article summons the shortest and longest route. Having said that, the duration of the journey to the summit of the Scafell Pike can take approximately between 4 to 7 hours.


  • Always follow the necessary guidelines provided at the National Trust’s official website seriously.
  • Join a group or be with an experienced traveller if you are a freshman for this.
  • Always carry a compass, map, and GPS as trusting the cellular phones alone might prove riskier.
  • You can carry your pet dog with you but be more cautious about the essential needs then.
  • People who have acrophobia (fear of heights) should be considerate while traversing through the Scafell Pike routes.